Greetings chums,

San Francisco’s DNA Lounge was the venue on Friday night for an evening of crooning and howling as Alice@97.3 hosted its annual karaoke contest. Top-rated morning show hosts Sarah and No Name were the masters of musical ceremonies. Matti produced and Charlene kept score. 

Yours truly was on the judging panel along with record exec Joy and song spoiler HOOMAN.

The Alice@97.3 faithful came, crooned, drank, wailed, wobbled, shrieked, bobbed and filled the DNA Lounge with sounds I had never heard before. Elton John and Bon Jovi never sounded so bad. It was an unforgettable night filled with unforgettable sounds—not all agreeable.

Thanks Alice for a night of a thousand songs. Sadly, so many of them are still stuck in my head.

“Sweeeeeeeeet Caroline, doo doo doo”!!