photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

Chase Utley, All-Star second baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies, hosted a party at The Ambassador during the jam-packed All-Star Week.

Travis Vinen, Jen Riccey          Alice Spencer, Joe Bubel         Sean Kormandy, Sarah Hickman

Jennifer & Chase Utley               Sam Josi, Ashley Pier           Tony Spangenberg, Alicia Phillips

Sarah Bell, Anthony London, Brittany Busacca          Kyle Webb, Elizabeth McColl

Chase Utley, Mike DeMaria, Sam Josi                       Gregory Spencer, Annie Simms

Page Rovers, Kelsey Kollen, Courtney Ross           Amy Walgenbach, Bill Phillips

Mikaela Bernstein, Monika Abedin, Alexis Kushner   Sabrina Buell, Erin Meyers

Amy Walgenbach, Guest, Lindsay Noran                Shayna Vocci, Aaron Waserman

Jon Weinbach, Gregory Spencer, Chase Utley      Courtney Geesey, Ashley Wurzel

Lloyd Frischer, Bethel Arsenault, Daniel Szew     Mikaela Bernstein, Todd Palmerton

Summer Bolen, Conor Famulener, Nadine Jaques  Saied Avash, Hugo Gamboa

Allison Bunker,  Sophia Deutschman, Catie Caton, Jen Jacobs

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