Allen Mask and Local School Kids Win VH1 Competition with “Next Big Thing”


Allen Mask - local hip hop artist, Google employee, and lifelong Michael Jackson fan - wrote a song for VH1’s and DoSomething.Org's Save The Music Battle For the Bands competition. Kids from The Rooftop School in Twin Peaks performed it with him. They won. We love that. 

A hip hop artist since high school and a professional musician, Mask has always been in love with music. “I connect with this whole Save The Music thing because it advocates the preservation of music education, which I believe has been the heart and soul of my development,” he says. “Behind every talented artist in any field there are professors, teachers, and supporters who are truly responsible for that artist's growth and development.” 

Save the Music is a way to help ensure that kids now have access to that kind of support. “I am who I am because these resources were there for me and I will do anything I can to make sure these and more exist for future artists.”

The video was tailored to the kids - meaning, they get to swing brightly-colored instruments by their necks (there’s a yellow ukelele that gets some serious action) and generally bounce around like small people who love music. The school scored $5,000 for its music program and Allen performed at the 2011 Do Something Awards in New York City. 

Here's the video. It's about love. Music. And small girls with blonde ringlets and big red guitars. 

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