Plowing through your day is so much easier when you don't stop to consider the possibility that you might be accidentally mowed down in a grocery store parking lot and wake up to find yourself immobile in a hospital bed. Lydia Stryck's deftly written script contemplates just such a scenario - and what happens when the man behind the wheel becomes a friend to the woman who can no longer move her arms.

The victim of a hit-and-run accident seven years ago, Stryck knows whereof she speaks and her portrayal of Libby's experience jabs you right under the solar plexus, especially when you consider the number of ill-advised text messages you send on a daily basis (Libby's chosen activity at the fateful moment). Merging the viewpoints of the perpetrator and the victim, An Accident follows Libby's recovery from Can't Move Her Head to Here's Your New Walker and her burgeoning relationship with the history professor who found her under his Toyota Corolla after he decides to buy cherries on a whim.

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