An Old-Is-New-Again Sport Comes to SF This Summer


The first recorded polo tournament was in 600 BC when the Turkomans beat the Persians in a public match. The Persians and the Mogul conquerors of India spread the game across the eastern world, and now it's finally making its way to modern-day San Francisco. Whether you're an experienced hose back rider or have spent the majority of your life with two feet on the ground, Polo SF promises all the help you'll need to be riding and swinging like a pro before summer's end.

For those interested in learning the sport, here's a little background. The object of polo is to move the ball down-field, hitting it through the goal posts with a mallet. Each team is made up of four people that play on a field 300 yards long by 160 yards wide (the largest field in organized sport). Each chukker, or period, is roughly seven minutes long.

Not one for sports? During half time, spectators run onto the field to participate in a tradition called “divot stomping” to help replace the holes created by the horse’s hooves. You could totally be good at that! 

With lessons starting at $85, Polo SF has everything you could possibly need from the mallet to the horse. Saddle up this summer and let us know how it goes! If you need us, we'll be stomping the yard mid-game with the rest of the less coordinated locals. Have fun!

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