Anchor Brewing and Buena Vista at SFO


Going through airports is as bad as it’s ever been. I don't mind taking off my shoes in security--it's the belt that's annoying. One thing that's made flying better, however, is the appearance of local food and beverage vendors in the terminals. I noted this trend a decade ago in my native Austin, TX, as its then-new airport sported such local favorites as Matt's Famous El Rancho (Tex-Mex), Schlotzsky's (sandwiches) and the ever-popular Salt Lick BBQ, whose airport location is closer to the original restaurant (and its pit) than downtown Austin is, so you know the meat is fresh.

Anyhoo, I was pleasantly surprised to find SFO going in a similar direction, at least in Terminal 3, where an Anchor Brewing tap room was serving up local brews like its steam beer and Old Foghorn.

There was also a branch of the Buena Vista Cafe, transplanted from its hallowed corner in Fisherman's Wharf, the first place Irish coffee was served in the US. I stopped in for one on my way out of town--it was good as ever, that lovely combination of cool, foamed cream atop hot coffee that's been seasoned with Irish whiskey and sugar.

Sorry for the photo quality, but they certainly didn't build these things for their looks!

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