There's a cool panel discussion about the evolution of local journalism coming to the Booksmith in the Upper Haight on August 9th. A few crucial faces at the forefront of the ever-metamorphosizing media landscape will be leading the talk: The Bay Citizen's Lisa Frazier, SF Public Press' Michael Stoll, and Mission Local's Lydia Chavez.

They'll discuss their media models, what kinds of opportunities they're providing to both seasoned and aspiring journalists, as well as how they're distributing their content through new media and traditional print.

Christin Evans, the co-owner of the Booksmith and a citizen journalist herself with the Huffington Post, will be leading the discussion and be asking tough questions journalism's mercurial future.

For anyone interested in reporting and even blogging, this is a must-see and hear event. Get there early or you'll be stuck on the sidewalk.

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