I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the map trend has officially landed. (See the continually re-tweeted maps of SF crime statistics and local v. tourists photos, Rebecca Solnit's new book Infinite City, and of course our own July issue cover as evidence).

The newest map to come to our attention is an aerial representation of San Francisco, as you might see it if you were squinting at night from an airplane. The piece, prettymaps by San Francisco's Aaron Straup Cope, is for sale on 20x200. It's based off of Flickr’s shapefiles and highlights urban areas, highway arteries and open space through a bright and layered map. I'm a fan. The piece went up earlier today, and judging by the fact that there are less than 50 left at the $20 price point, other people are digging it too. Get a print here.