Apartment Hunting? The Best Deals on Craigslist Right Now


A recent SFGate article reports that the city’s average monthly rent is $1642—and dropping. Here are a few of the best deals floating around on Craigslist.

1. Noe Valley studio $1450

We consider this neighborhood one of the better in the city. You're near some really quality restaurants (La Ciccia, Il Canto) and close to 24th Street without any of the noise or parking aggravations. This studio apartment has a separate kitchen with more than ample room to entertain, leaving your sleeping quarters undisturbed—if that’s your intention. It's also a good location for catching the J downtown or quickly hopping on the 101.

2. Cole Valley 2 bed $1800

Cole Valley is the neighborhood that satisfies all your inner yuppie cravings - great wine bar (Eos), amazing cheese shop (Say Cheese), too many brunch options to count - and this two bedroom apartment is right in the middle of it all at Cole and Carl. The bathroom is less than ideal, but hey, you need something to temper all that yuppie guilt, right?

3. Lake District Jr 1 bed $1595

Great for a professional in town for a year or so, this partially furnished apartment is located in one of the loveliest parts of the city, the Lake district. You'll be close to Laurel Village and the Presidio, and won't have to worry about not knowing your way around - this area is about as safe as it gets. The unit includes features everyone wants in a quintessential SF space: crown molding, hardwood floors and other turn-of-the-century details.

4. Lower Haight 1 bed $1475 yard

Lower Haight is one of the most effortlessly cool neighborhoods in SF. You've got good bars, good shopping... and for some odd reason about twenty hair salons in a five block stretch. All that aside, it's also a central spot with plenty of apartment deals to be had. This one bedroom at the rear of a building on Oak has access to a backyard, hardwood floors, french double doors (love!), and an electric fireplace which you and your cat (they're allowed) can cozy up to.

5. Hayes Valley 1 bed $1600

This place has a lot going for it. Located in Hayes Valley, it has a private front and back door, the back opening up to a porch and garden, and the kitchen is surprisingly large with new appliances and counters. But perhaps best of all, it is a three block hop skip and a jump from Blue Bottle. Are you sold?

6. Mission studio $1250

A pretty perfect location for a younger person new to the city. You'll be smack-dab in the center of all that the Mission has to offer, and won't have to deal with anymore lame roommates because college is so over for you (as of last year). Nice light throughout and you can bring your cat. We're not sure about the fridge situation (it's noticeably absent from the photos) but hey, there's so much cheap food near by you wouldn't use one much anyway.

7. Marina studio $1495

We're suckers for french double doors, so this apartment instantly won points for that touch. Also, it can be tough to find studios where the space is broken up a bit by a hallway or said French doors - those aspects make planning the space easier, and will curb that feeling of always being in your bedroom that studios tend to have. It's also on the top floor, so noise from any drunken bros in the building will be minimal.

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