Are You Tough Enough for the Seven Hells Ride?


Most San Francisco bike routes are designed to avoid the city’s hills. But this Saturday there’s a group bike ride that goes out of its way to hit every steep crest, reach every gorgeous vista, and scale every SF peak. The annual Seven Hells Ride is back again—and it’s even tougher than ever.

Join Dan Reider, route leader and biking masochist, for this four-hour leg burning course which he calls the “Devil’s Route.”  Among just a few of the hills it tackles: Twin Peaks, Mt. Davidson, Diamond and Telegraph Hill; and that’s just a start. You can find a map of the full 27-mile ride here.

But don’t be too afraid, because this year the ride is split into two categories: The Devil’s Mother’s Route and a Devil’s Baby Route. If you fancy yourself tough (but not psychotic), then you’ll probably do fine in the baby category. No shame; that’s the one I’ll sign up for. The pace on the Baby ride is a bit slower and there are breaks after each peak to rest your burning thighs.

Space is limited, so be sure to RSVP for this event. It’s free for San Francisco Bicycle Coalition members; suggested $5-10 donation for those who aren’t. Both the Mama and the Baby trains leave the station at 10 a.m. Meet at the statue in the East end of the Panhandle.

Good luck! 

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