Earlier this week, Hotel Zetta partnered with Seattle-transplant artist Jonathan Matas – whose work can be seen everywhere from graffitied walls in the Mission to inside the Facebook headquarters – to create an incredible mural throughuot the guest stairway.

The stairwell begins and ends with black and white line work but in between you'll experience bright colors, bold murals, and an array of styles as you move from the basement to the 8th floor. In his usual spontaneous fashion, Matas let whatever came to mind flow onto the empty walls (you can even see him mid-spin with a spray can in one of the photos) and as his mind changed, the walls changed, both thematically and stylistically.

Playing off the hotel’s theme of redefining ordinary spaces and transforming regular objects into art (there's already floppy disc portraits by Nick Gentry, and a rad chandelier made of eye frames), the new mural perfectly compliments the hotel’s existing edgy appeal. Check it out for yourself in the photos above.