Artist to Watch: Jeremy Jay


With his second album Slow Dance freshly released and back in California after an extensive European tour, Jeremy Jay lit up the underbelly of Upper Market’s Café Du Nord last Friday night.  His swanky simplicity and crooning vocals drew in a San Francisco crowd with a fitting neo-vintage style.  They were treated to his lyrical stories, playful guitar riffs and seductive synths -- all marks of his new album.  Though Jay fits the current tastes and retro styles of young Californians, his indie-pop storytelling and 1950s-nostalgia-rock are venturing towards a more European fashion.  Featured here is a video clip of Jay blasting through the second track from his set and ‘Slow Dance,’ “In This Lonely Town.”

Jay, originally from Monterey, resides in Los Angeles and feels that his show there Thursday was “slow, but good” -- definitely not as exciting as his reception in Europe. He’s developed a welcoming audience in Paris, his new part-time residency, and was thrilled to be mulled over by a crowd of 700 in Barcelona.  Jay has every inch of style and poise to be a transnational star.  Definitely keep an eye out for his upcoming video release for “Slow Dance" (which was filmed in a Cologne, Germany’s King George -- an electrically refurbished 1950s strip club) and his U.S. tour.

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