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Three Books On Our Must-Read List

What would you do if you couldn't look in a mirror for an entire year? Kjerstin Gruys did exactly that, covering every pane of glass in her house, avoiding windows, and learning to put on makeup sans mirror in order to reform her troubled relationship with her body.

We Wanna Be Friends With Bay Lights Visionary Ben Davis

In 2010, Ben Davis had a thought: "What if the Bay Bridge was used as a canvas of light?"

Reason to Party's Penthouse Extravaganza for Dance

San Franciscans are famous for finding any excuse to party, from the opening of a new burrito joint to it simply being Wednesday. But Reason to Party came up with the perfect formula to help partygoers get down in support of a worthy cause.

The Rollicking Roots of Bottom of the Hill

Kitten performing at Bottom of the Hill

The first person to shatter the window behind the stage at Bottom of the Hill was Green Day’s drummer in 1998 during the filming of MTV’s The Ten Spot. Rather than replacing the window with a standard double pane glass, the staff agreed to let a regular patron, dubbed “Paul the Glassblower,” create a custom-made, prismatic stained glass proxy. It has again been broken since, unfortunately (by the singer of the Dillinger Escape Plan), but that idiosyncratic work in situ symbolizes the Potrero Hill staple: colorful, quirky, and vehemently DIY.

Bill Cosby, Doug Benson, and More Ways to Laugh Your Ass Off

A comedy legend, a comedy stoner, classic sci-fi TV improv, and an evening of riffing on campy horror classics — all this can only happen in San Francisco.

Win a Pair of Tickets to See Pixar in Concert

From the Toy Story trilogy to The Incredibles and Up, Pixar Animation Studios has forever impacted filmmaking and given children (and children-at-heart, a.k.a. all of San Francisco) some seriously adorable characters. After all, who can resist WALL-E's soulful robot eyes or the heartwarming devotion of Dug, Up's heart-before-brains golden retriever?

Me Look Pretty One Day, Thanks to L'Oreal App

The day before the 4th of July, an even greater explosion of color and brilliance occurred here at 7x7 HQ. We are, of course, talking makeup—virtual makeup, that is. No longer would we have to find the perfect drag mother to help us paint our face to trashy perfection. Instead, we turned to Makeup Genius by L'Oreal. 

This Week's Hottest Events: Summer Beer School, Bastille Day, & More

7x7 editors reveal the hottest events going on this week and give you a head's up on tickets to grab in advance (before they sell out)!

This Week in Live Music: Jurassic 5, Cloud Nothings, & Phono Del Sol

Rest not, ye wicked ones. Your Fourth of July hangover stands no chance of winning over these shows.

Where To Watch Illegal Fireworks In SF (If You Must)

Roman candles, bottle rockets, fountains, snakes, sparklers, flowers — what once was an amiable childhood memory will now get you pinched by the law. Sure, some like to watch safe-and-sane firework displays high in the sky come Independence Day. But others choose to choose to take part in the melee of illegal fireworks scattered throughout the city. We won’t tell you where to buy them (oh, YOU know where to buy them), but we will tell you where you can watch from a safe distance.

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