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From Street Tagger to Calligraffiti Artist in Action

Niels "SHoe" Meulman

Since he first picked up a can of spray paint in 1979 and began tagging under the name Shoe, Dutch artist Niels Meulman has been thinking about how to leave his mark on the world—quite literally.

Never Before Seen Marilyn Monroe Photos Come to SF

As a teenager, I (along with thousands of other young girls, I'm sure) had a picture of Marilyn Monroe hanging on my wall. Though, to my credit, it wasn't the iconic photo of her skirt blowing up, or even that one where she's pumping iron. Instead, it was a small postcard I bought from the gift store of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York that showed Marilyn looking away from the camera, pensive, and almost sad.

The Faces Behind Mid Market-SoMa-Tenderloin Turmoil

No neighborhood—no, not even the city's precious Mission District—has received as much hand-wringing over the last year than the apex of Mid Market, SoMa, and the Tenderloin. And with good reason.

This Week's Hottest Events: Designing for the POTUS, Street Cinema, and More

7x7 editors reveal the hottest events going on this week and give you a head's up on tickets to grab in advance (before they sell out)!

Win a Signed Print of Lawrie Brown's "Yellow Ice Cream"

By Lawrie Brown’s own admission, paranoia about the artificial additives prevalent in mass-produced comestibles inspired the photographer’s popular “Colored Food” series, which is now riding a viral wave through the Interwebs.

This Week in Live Music: 10,000 Maniacs, Cowboy Junkies, Ester Rada, and More

More venue news for San Francisco music lushes, this time an update for one of the most pristine music halls on the West Coast. The Nob Hill Masonic Center and its billion dollar views are currently undergoing a renovation project, which is due for September completion.

Scenes of the City: Homegrown Artist Stephen Namara Shares His Studio

For this week's Scenes of the City we spent some time with San Francisco artist Stephen Namara, a member of the Hunters Point Shipyard Artist group. Namara is an oil painter who uses a variety of techniques – including a cotton sock – to apply dry pigments.

Chelsea Peretti Talks Her SF Comedy Special, Burrito Wars, and Danity Kane

Chelsea Peretti is not only a Bay Area treasure (Oakland to be exact), but as the name of her stand-up tour indicates, she's an "American Treasure" as well.

We Wanna Be Friends With the Founders of SF-Based Fashion Label Cuyana

On June 18, San Francisco-based fashion label Cuyana—which has made a name for itself with tightly curated seasonal collections that boast effortless silhouettes and fine materials—launches the Bali collection for summer.

Letters to Salinger, LGBT Novels, and More of What We're Reading Right Now

Any teenager who feels connected to The Catcher in the Rye (which is a lot) can certainly identify with the impulse to write a letter to its author, J.D. Salinger. But anyone who's studied Salinger knows that he was famously reclusive, in his correspondence as well as his life.

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