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Style Set Celebrates Carolina Herrera at Union Square Opening

Last Thursday, design icon Carolina Herrera and Elle magazine's (and soon-to-editor-in-chief and executive creative officer at Yahoo Fashion) Joe Zee brought the city's well-heeled denizens out in the summer heat—donning more bare legs than we've seen in ages—to celebrate the CH Carolina Hererra's new store on Grant Avenue. 

This Week's Hottest Events: Muir Woods BBQ, Murakami Film Screening, and More

7x7 editors reveal the hottest events going on this week and give you a head's up on tickets to grab in advance (before they sell out)!

This Week in Live Music: Kid Cudi, Foals, Panda Bear, and More

WIth the abundance of music festivals taking root over North America it’s increasingly difficult for festival promoters to distinguish their massive celebrations from others just like it in other cities. But Riot Fest is managing to do just that.

9 Topical Bay to Breakers Costume Ideas We Really Want to See This Year

If Bay to Breakers (which goes down this Sunday) snuck up on you this year, then you're probably still in hot pursuit of a costume that will blow everyone's brightly-colored tutus off. You could fall on back on the staples (Frank Chu, MUNI, either bridge with or without lights, the tried but true unicorn), but really, how many years have you seen that? (We're looking at you, unicorn).

From Parking to Rent, How the Bay Area Stacks Up to the Rest of the Nation

The nation's been buzzing about the Bay Area for quite some time now, including SF and Oakland in every Buzzfeed-esque listicle, and labeling the cities everything from Most Charming to Worst Parking. Are they right about us? See the various titles the Bay Area has won over the past year, and decide for yourself. 

Director Gia Coppola Talks "Palo Alto," James Franco, and Her Famous Name

Gia Coppola

The word is out: Gia Coppola has the gene. Francis Ford’s first grandchild has taken her place behind the camera (and on paper as screenwriter) on the independent film Palo Alto, based on James Franco’s book of short stories, and shown that this time, the apple fell very close to the tree.

5 Reasons You Must See Godzilla Return to the Big Screen and Destroy SF

If you're skeptical about dishing out the cash to see this weekend's blockbuster monster flick, don't be. Godzilla destroying SF is an absolute must-watch (and not just to get the 1998 flop with Matthew Broderick out of your head). From excellent actors to a plot that hits close to home, here are five reasons you should buy your ticket, like now.

640 Skulls Go On Display at Cal Academy

With a collection of craniums spanning millennia, the California Academy of Sciences’ new Skulls exhibit approaches the sometimes macabre subject from a perspective that both scientists and artists can appreciate.

What We're Reading Now: Food Blogs, Twitter Bots, and "The Noble Hustle"

I swoon for Colson Whitehead's sentences the way screaming tweens fall for Bieber ballads, so I was thrilled to see that he was adapting his fantastic 2011 piece for Grantland about playing in the World Series of Poker into a full book, The Noble Hustle.

Arab Spring and Occupy Oakland Fuse in Sanaz Mazinani's "Conference of the Birds"

When I watch Sanaz Mazinani’s mesmerizing video and photography series, Conference of the Birds, I’m lulled by the sounds of birds singing, and I’m drawn into the elegant, repetitive circular patterns. Then other surprising elements emerge: the cry of protestors from the Occupy movement in Oakland, images of flags fragment and the soothing yet urgent voice of a foreign news correspondent speaks, and all are combined to create a disturbing yet seductive message.

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