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Win a Pair of Tickets to See Pixar in Concert

From the Toy Story trilogy to The Incredibles and Up, Pixar Animation Studios has forever impacted filmmaking and given children (and children-at-heart, a.k.a. all of San Francisco) some seriously adorable characters. After all, who can resist WALL-E's soulful robot eyes or the heartwarming devotion of Dug, Up's heart-before-brains golden retriever?

Me Look Pretty One Day, Thanks to L'Oreal App

The day before the 4th of July, an even greater explosion of color and brilliance occurred here at 7x7 HQ. We are, of course, talking makeup—virtual makeup, that is. No longer would we have to find the perfect drag mother to help us paint our face to trashy perfection. Instead, we turned to Makeup Genius by L'Oreal. 

This Week's Hottest Events: Summer Beer School, Bastille Day, & More

7x7 editors reveal the hottest events going on this week and give you a head's up on tickets to grab in advance (before they sell out)!

This Week in Live Music: Jurassic 5, Cloud Nothings, & Phono Del Sol

Rest not, ye wicked ones. Your Fourth of July hangover stands no chance of winning over these shows.

Where To Watch Illegal Fireworks In SF (If You Must)

Roman candles, bottle rockets, fountains, snakes, sparklers, flowers — what once was an amiable childhood memory will now get you pinched by the law. Sure, some like to watch safe-and-sane firework displays high in the sky come Independence Day. But others choose to choose to take part in the melee of illegal fireworks scattered throughout the city. We won’t tell you where to buy them (oh, YOU know where to buy them), but we will tell you where you can watch from a safe distance.

Pride, Glitter, and Philanthropy at Juanita MORE! Pride Party

At glamorous SF legend Juanita MORE!'s 2014 Pride Party last Sunday, guests flaunted their style as they enjoyed pulsing entertainment by a variety of artists. We're talking the whole shebang: music, pen-and-paper, and performance, from the ranks of Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters, Jason Kendig, Lady Bunny, and more. The day-long party benefited the AIDS Housing Alliance, raising a staggering $75,000 to provide resources for the first-ever permanent rental subsidy program for the burgeoning queer homeless population.

We Wanna Be Friends With Comedian and Bartender Jill Vice

Clown. Mime. Comedian. Bartender. Jill Vice has quite the impressive resume. 

A Glitzy, Glamorous Opening for the Asian Art Museum's "Gorgeous"

SFMOMA and the Asian Art Museum joined forces to present "Gorgeous," a diverse artistic collection that explores the gamut of what society considers to be beautiful, from conventionally attractive starlets to images that, at the same time, are both disturbing and appealing.

This Week's Hottest Events: Opera at AT&T Park, Jews for Dim Sum, & More

7x7 editors reveal the best events going on this week, giving you a heads-up on tickets to grab before they sell out!

Scenes from San Francisco's Unbridled Pride Weekend

This year's San Francisco Pride weekend was a record-breaker. Not only in terms of numbers (1.7 million people, according to officials), but also the sundry of assorted corporations and tech companies using the annual queer freedom day parade to their advantage.

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