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The Big Gay To Do: 50 Ways to Do PRIDE Right

Just in time for Pride weekend, we give you our annual Pride Big Gay To Do, brimming with queer-related merriment sure to keep you entertained, enthralled, and inebriated until the cold light of Monday morning comes. Enjoy. 

Song of the Shank, Redeeming the Dream, and More on Our Must-Read List

Talk to the animals.

In dealing with a difficult dog that suffered extreme separation anxiety, local writer Laurel Braitman became intrigued by the idea that animals can suffer from mental illness every bit as varied and complex as ours.

Food Like You've Never Seen it Before on Display at Tech Museum

Nathan Myhrvold's mother clearly never told him to stop playing with his food. The local photographer and tech maven's newest exhibit—opening at the Tech Museum of Innovation this Wednesday—features levitating hamburgers, bisected lunch pails, and fruit turned inside-out, forcing eaters to reconsider their food through extreme close-ups and unnatural configurations. 

Arj Barker, Martial Arts Improvisors, and More Ways to Laugh Your Ass Off

This summer of comedy kicks off with Michael Jackson tributes, improv martial artists, and a ton of comedy allstars. I think we're off to a good start.

Get a "Gorgeous" Manicure from Top Coat, Inspired by Beauty Exhibit

When it comes to the perfect manicure for PRIDE, rainbows are so last decade. Add a little high-art flair to your nail beds this year courtesy of SFMoMA, the Asian Art Museum, and Top Coat. The trio have joined forces to offer stunning artworks/manicures just in time for this weekend's SF PRIDE celebrations. 

This Week's Hottest Events: Pride Parties, US vs Germany, & More

7x7 editors reveal the hottest events going on this week and give you a head's up on tickets to grab in advance (before they sell out)!

This Week in Live Music: Robyn, Veruca Salt, Sharon Van Etten, and More

Rockin' Robyn

The Treasure Island Music Festival lineup was announced last week, and—shocker—it's packed with some of our favorite acts around right now. Headliners Outkast and Massive Attack are only a fraction of the draw—Alt-J, Washed Out, Zedd, TV on the Radio, and on and on and on, good lord, (New Pornographers!). If the festival isn’t sold out already, it will be soon, so . . . get on it already. Yeesh.

Crowdtilt and Coqueta Launch Initiative to Save the Bay Lights

On Wednesday night, the city's tech and political luminaries gathered at chef Michael Chiarello's Coqueta to fete Crowdtilt's initiative to support the Bay Lights. The evening raised awarness about Leo Villareal and Ben Davis's iconic light display on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, which, unless enough money is raised, will turn off in March 2015. 

"Gorgeous" Exhibit Complicates Straightforward Notions of Beauty

If this image by Sally Mann—a portrait of her five-year-old daughter—strikes you as more provocative than a kindergartener’s photo should be, you’re not alone. Jessie at 5, 1987 “complicates straightforward notions of beauty,” says Allison Harding, curator of the SFMoMA-Asian Art Museum exhibit, “Gorgeous,” opening this month.

Country's First Hammock Cafe Seeks Valencia Street Home

Swingers welcome.

If and when the revolution comes, everyone and everything on Valencia Street will be the first taken out back behind the shed. Until then, we implore you to check out the video for the impending Paresse Café, billed as the first cafe in the U.S. with hammocks. Perfect for San Francisco's aggressively casual lifestyle.

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