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Community Meeting to Save KUSF Tonight

"We were tricked," declared KUSF's Music Director Irwin Swirnoff in a phone conversation. The news about the University of San Francisco's plans to sell beloved community radio station 90.3 FM to the Classical Public Radio Network and convert it to an online-only format is spreading, and the public outcry has been swift.

Tonight at 7 pm, there will be a community meeting (which the University's president, Rev. Stephen J. Privett will attend) staged by station volunteers at Presentation Theater at 2350 Turk St. at Masonic. It's a chance to rally behind the station, discuss fundraising opportunities to match the bid to buy back the broadcast signal, and move to file an appeal to the FCC to block the sale. The community is welcome to attend.

Two Sense: Couples Who Fight In Front of Other People

Q: For the most part, things seem pretty good between my girlfriend and me. But give her a few drinks at a dinner party, and the zingers start to fly—always in front of our friends. Last month she “joked” about my taste in movies and just the other night she made a very nasty remark about me not doing my share of housework. The next day, I usually confront her about it, but the discussion turns into a “You were nasty/No I wasn’t” one instead of a “Let’s deal with the underlying issue” one. What do I do?

Where to Learn to Play Music in SF

Ever dreamed of being in a band? Yeah you have. It's not too late to learn how to shred. Read on for ways to teach yourself some new tricks. Where do you take your music lessons?

Blue Bear School of Music, Fort Mason Center, Bldg. D, Marina Blvd. @ Buchanan

Sic Alps On Their Latest Album "Napa Asylum," Opening for Sonic Youth and Local Bands They Love

One thing San Francisco's music scene will never be short on is ego, especially during a time when artists here are trend-setting at a breathless pace.

The Riley Project/Aura Fischbeck Dance at Counterpulse

Postulating that the body has a mind of its own - to which everyone who’s ever had a violent bout of stomach flu can attest - dancers portray the peculiarities, outbursts, and general awkwardness of the meat suits we all clomp around in. From broken to virtuosic, our bodies are amazing - and dance is an excellent medium for that particular message.

The Riley Project and Aura Fischbeck Dance bring their physically dynamic brands of movement to Counterpulse this weekend to investigate the weirdness of the body, the weirdness of love, the madness of crowds, and the occasional pratfall.

Scenes of the City: SF Street Musicians

For this week's "Scenes of the City" gallery, we photographed SF's street musicians.  Meet some drummers, a crooner and a violinist that call our streets their stage.

Tune in next week for Street Portraits in the Castro District.


All photos + words by Joseph Schell

As night falls on downtown, Andrew plays his full drum set on Market Street in hopes of finding a professional drumming gig. His sign reads, "Seeking Pro Opprotunities!"

This Week's Hottest Events: Snoop Dogg, Zoe Keating, and Stories from The New Yorker

Free MLK Day Museum Admission
Honor the man who had a vision for this country with a day of free admission to area museums. The series of events includes a reenactment, a symbolic march, and programs around the theme "What is your dream?"
When: Mon. 1/17
Where: MoAD, 685 Mission St.; Contemporary Jewish Museum, 736 Mission St.; YBCA, 701 Mission St.

Spider-Man Ready to Repeat High School, with Andrew Garfield in the Suit

By now, it doesn’t take a well-honed Spidey sense to recall that, almost exactly a year ago, Tobey Maguire (35), Kirsten Dunst (28) and director Sam Raimi (age unimportant) parted ways with Sony Pictures and Marvel over the studio's decision to send superhero alter ego Peter Parker back to high school, essentially changing horses midstream and rebooting a billion-dollar franchise still seemingly at the peak of its powers.

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