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Oscar Watch: Darren Aronofsky's Delightfully Wicked 'Black Swan'

Those who cringed as James Franco sliced through his forearm in 127 Hours can expect no less harrowing a spectacle from Black Swan, Darren Aronofsky’s unsettling study of a dancer, victimized by her own ambition, unraveling on the eve of her greatest professional triumph.

Got Last-Minute Ideas? Our Exquisite Corpse Game Round Two Ends Today

Round Two of our Exquisite Corpse game concludes today, so if you creative types out there have any last minute response drawings to the trippy prism painting by Kelly Lynn Jones to send our way, get to it! Entries must be mailed as JPEGs (500 width by 700 height at 72 dpi) to!

This Week's Hottest Events: Mary Roach, Radio City Rockettes, and Cyndi Lauper

Film + Music: Sir Arne's Treasure with Mountain Goats
Silent but deadly—this winning combo of Mauritz Stiller's classic silent film Sir Arne's Treasure and live score by Mountain Goats' John Darnielle should be on your to-do list this week. The haunting tale of murder, betrayal, and divine redemption is riveting enough without sound, but with Darnielle's poignant lyrics accompanying, the movie truly comes to life. $17-$22.50; Tuesday 12/14; Castro Theatre, 429 Castro St.,

Dream Warriors: Tame Impala @ The Independent Tonight

This past year, the tripped-out trio Tame Impala burst from Down Under with their sparkling, woozy debut LP Innerspeaker (Modular Recordings) and subsequently whipped the music world into a frenzy. They've got a sold out show at the Independent tonight to prove it. Not all hope is lost, though. You can still troll around on Craigslist and scrape together a few tickets for you and your crew. They're out there.

Pianofight’s A Merry Forking Christmas

If the holiday season sends you straight to the bourbon, feel free to soothe yourself with the knowledge that at least you don’t work at the mall. Unless you do work at the mall. In which case, perhaps you can soothe yourself with the knowledge that you don’t have to work on Christmas eve. If you do work at the mall and those bastards scheduled you for Christmas eve - well, my friend, this show was practically written for you. Especially if you know which Santa has the best pot.

YBCA's "Un-Holiday" Bash Noel Noir Tonight

Here's one more way to turn your nose up at holiday cheer from YBCA if you don't feel like watching horror movies: their "un-holiday" party Noel Noir is tonight, from 9 pm-2 am, and it looks devastatingly fun.

Parking Quiz Answers: How To Get Your Towed Car Back

Just before lunch, our parking guru David LaBua, author of Finding the Sweet Spot, asked just how hard it is to get your car back once it's been towed, because, let's face it--it is. He also made a cool flowchart to help you through the confusion and panic that immediately results after realizing your car is gone. Check out the quiz answer and flowchart below!

How Many Steps Does it Take to Recover Your Vehicle if it is Towed?

A) 1
B) 3
C) 33 1/3
E) All of the above and possibly none of the above

San Francisco Ballet's Nutcracker

If you're more prone to appreciating charming scenes of glowing Christmas trees ascending to great heights or small children humming along with the symphony than the friend who told me, "I don't need ballet tickets to crack nuts," check out San Francisco Ballet's Nutcracker. (He would've been charmed too, he was just jealous he was missing out on the prancing sparkle ponies.) (Note: Clara's sleigh is towed by prancing sparkle ponies.) 

Parking Quiz: Your Car's Towed. Now What?

It's no secret that parking in the city is a bitch. So we've enlisted local parking guru and author of Finding the Sweet Spot, David LaBua, to dish out weekly tips on navigating the ins and outs of city parking.

Last week's parking quiz raised a lot of questions and concerns about just what the heck to do once your car's been towed. How do you get it back? Are you sure it's been towed? David La Bua has crafted a handy flowchart (to be revealed in a few hours) and quiz to help you through tough times. Answers after lunch!

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