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Score Big at Chronicle's Warehouse Sale

The first time I went Christmas shopping with my boyfriend was a revelation. We stopped into one bookstore—one— and before I had finished flipping through a magazine he had knocked out almost his entire gift list. Best of all, his picks were thoughtful, fairly inexpensive, and totally appreciated by the recipients. I'm telling you, books are the way to go.

Scenes of Festiveness: San Francisco Over the Holidays

We sent local photographer Joseph Schell on a mission to capture scenes of San Francisco during the holidays. Here's what he came back with. Enjoy the photos of our city at its most festive.


Photos by Joseph Schell

UnderCover Music Project Gets 100 Local Musicians to Perform & Record The Pixies' "Doolittle"

A cool new music project that involves over 100 Bay Area musicians has been gathering steam lately. A few months ago, some 40 local music artists (including Liz Phair and Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind) got together at Coda Jazz Supper Club to completely transform the classic album The Velvet Underground & Nico.

Two Sense: Laws of Attraction

About a year ago my husband and I started a business that we run out of our apartment. We're sometimes together 24 hours a day and it’s killing our love life. It’s been a month since we’ve had sex. I see this as a problem and he thinks this is just a phase that will work itself out and that we shouldn’t worry about it. Help!

Exquisite Corpse Game Round Three: Get Those Creative Juices Going

Round Three of our Exquisite Corpse game commences today! Feast your eyes on the painting above, an arresting portrait of a bison with rainbow lasers shooting out of its eyes, by SF-based fine artist Lisa Congdon. Submissions by all you local artists out there just keep getting better and better, but we still want to see what you've got! Stakes are high in this second-to-final round of the game.

Get Tickets for Tina Fey

In case you hadn't already heard, Tina Fey is coming to the Bay Area on April 20 for a City Arts & Lectures discussion. Unfortunately, tickets to the night of film clips and conversation are already sold out and people are already reselling the $33 golden tickets for a whopping $165!

So, you could either pay way too much to guarantee your seat, or sit tight until April and brave the crowds at the Orpheum for returned tickets. Stay tuned.

Oscar Watch: Darren Aronofsky's Delightfully Wicked 'Black Swan'

Those who cringed as James Franco sliced through his forearm in 127 Hours can expect no less harrowing a spectacle from Black Swan, Darren Aronofsky’s unsettling study of a dancer, victimized by her own ambition, unraveling on the eve of her greatest professional triumph.

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