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Ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer Accounts for His Stunning Fall from Grace in 'Client 9'

His downfall plays like Greek tragedy, a flawed hero laid low by hubris. It has inspired Saturday Night Live skits, the 18th-season finale of Law & Order and the hit CBS drama The Good Wife. Now, the story of the former New York governor brought down by his ties to a high-priced prostitution ring is revisited in Alex Gibney’s Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer.

Required Reading: Rodes Fishburne

After reporting on the publishing experiments turning up around San Francisco, we asked the city’s writers what they’re reading these days, and they were happy to share. Look for Required Reading every week. 

While living in a remote tent camp in Alaska, Rodes Fishburne was left stranded for 21 days after a severe storm. During that time, the San Francisco author of Going to See the Elephant read War and Peace cover to covertwice. These days, Fishburne tastes are entirely modern and tend toward much shorter reads, some just 140 characters long.

Two Sense: Dating for Dollars

I'm working part-time, going to school and, to be completely honest, occasionally date guys I'm not interested in long-term primarily to get a decent meal or an event invite. I even put a profile up on a dating site known for its moneyed bachelors. A few of my friends are giving me grief for it, but I see dating and even marriage as a kind of transaction and I think people who claim otherwise are kidding themselves. Right?

He Said: I don’t see a moral dilemma here since guys looking at your profile and contacting you will have ample opportunity to make their own decisions. Also, I have a feeling that any guy who dated you would figure out pretty quickly what your game was and either play along or move along. And finally I have to agree with you that dates and marriages are calculated transactions. It’s terribly unromantic, but all of us screen our potential mates by asking: Are they good enough, and am I?

Celebrate Textile Legend Jack Lenor Larsen @ the de Young

Jack Lenor Larsen is a legend in the textiles world. He's  worked with heavy hitters like Frank Lloyd Wright and has had his owns designs featured in museums like the de Young. Also an author, collector and accomplished gardener, his famed LongHouse estate's structures and landscapes, which are infused with his unique and worldly design sensibility, are lovingly chronicled in Molly Chappellet's new book,  Jack Lenor Larsen's LongHouse (Chronicle Books).

Photos: Bruno Mars and Donnis @ Slims

Follow our music photographer, Misha Vladimirskiy, for free music downloads and chances to win show tickets


Photos by Aeschleah DeMartino and Misha. Follow our music photographer, Misha Vladimirskiy, for free music downloads and chances to win show tickets

Horses Take the Stage in Cavalia

The glorious culmination of every 12-year-old girl's equestrian fantasy (absent only the unicorns), Cavalia is your chance to watch 52 horses trot and gallop and high-step around a paddock the size of a football field. Developed by the same brain behind Cirque du Soleil, Cavalia is a soft-focused multimedia tribute to horses - and the aerialists, acrobats, and dancers who perform with them.

Pssst...It's Chronicle Books' Friends & Family Holiday Sale

A perk of being friends with us is that it makes you friends with Chronicle Books too. Our sister company's Friends & Family Holiday Sale kicks off today through December 5. Just enter the promo code FRIENDS on the Chronicle Books site and get 35% off orders plus free ground shipping. It's the biggest discount they offer all year, so stock up on those gifts!

SFMOMA's "Bay Area Ecstatic" Showcases Experimental Films of Mysticism This Thursday

We recently wrote about a collection of film shorts exploring the history of the Bay Area's experimental cinema, called Radical Light. Riding that wave is the SFMOMA, which is showcasing a sweet new batch of shorts called Bay Area Ecstatic. Showing this Thursday at 7 pm in the Phyllis Wattis Theater, it's a look at the decades of "cine-sorcerers" who have passed through the Bay Area and conceived films full of mysticism, drug-induced states of being and frenzied sexuality.

The Success of Failure

Sporting a pig snout and coke bottle Dr. Magoo glasses, theater artist Cynthia Hopkins plays the accordion and sings poignantly about loss and mortality on micro- and macrocosmic levels. An intergalactic space epic marked by immersive videoscapes, song, and text, The Success of Failure blends silver spacesuit-clad sci-fi and the random happenstance of the universe (if the dinosaurs hadn't been wiped out, we would be breathing through gills right now) with the deeply personal - addiction, the loss of her mother, and her dying father.

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