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Operation Desert Storm: <i>7x7</i> Takes on Coachella

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Of course, there was Prince and Portishead and Roger Waters and the rest. But on the heels of this year’s Coachella Music Festival, we’re bringing you a rundown of the artists who earned some less-expected distinctions. Here's a look at day one at Coachella.

Raconteurs Raconteurs

Top 7 A+E Picks

The Little Prince Opera
courtesy of the Little Prince Opera

Here’s 7 not-to-miss A+E happenings this week.

1. VHS or BETA at Mezzanine on Tuesday, April 29
 Dance the night away when this Louisville, Kentucky disco-house outfit brings their undeniably infectious sound to SF.

Why Do Summer Movies Suck So Hard?

Hearty greetings from the second stateliest concrete erection in Washington D.C. proper. I’m not talking about the Washington Monument, Mayor Berry’s highrise crackpipe-in-the-sky or Clinton’s curved trouser bubba, I’m talking historic doorsteps film nerds where the tiny wastrel actor Mickey Rooney once uttered the famous Ruthian line, “This is the house the Mickster built …”

Uva Enoteca Opening Party

photography by  Muhammad Asranur for

On Monday, April 21 Lower Haight-based restaurant Uva Enoteca threw its grand opening party.


Ali Sandler, Steve Rivera             Camber Lay, Tadd Cortell, Ryan Fitzgerald

Thread Independent Fashion Shopping Event

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

On Sunday, April 20 the Thread independent fashion shopping event took over the Galleria and featured an array of local design talent, complimentary cocktails and skincare pampering and fashion-forward SF shoppers scoring one-of-a-kind finds.


The Glow in the Dark Tour Featuring Rihanna

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

On Saturday, April 19 Rihanna, Lupe Fiasco and N.E.R.D took over the HP Pavilion for a night of great live music and outrageous stage shows.


Maker Faire: On the Make

The Guitar Zeros' equipment

Murphy's Film Picks

Brick Lane
Brick Lane; courtesy of the San Francisco International Film Festival

Film nerds and nerdettes, why don't you check out some of these groovy film picks happening in your 'hood. Don't forget to tune in next week for another installment of the Reel. Until next time, be bad and get into trouble baby.

Film Happenings Around Town 

•    There Will Be Blood (2007) Dir. Anderson – Red Vic

Top 7 A+E Picks

The Last Mistress
The Last Mistress; courtesy of IFC Films

Here’s 7 not-to-miss A+E happenings this week.

1. Third Tuesdays/Sketch Tuesdays at 111 Minna
See the creative process unfold before your eyes at 111 Minna this Tuesday, April 22, for Third Tuesdays/Sketch Tuesdays. Up for grabs: the work of local artists like 7x7 faves Amanda Lynch and Matt Furie who will be making art live and in person.

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