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This Week's Hottest Events: Ice Skating, Animation, and OPENwater at St. George Spirits

Play: Ice Rinks
Starting Wednesday, you can get your skate on at the annual Safeway Union Square ice rink. Go for a midday run on your lunch break or wait for dark and take in the holiday lights afterhours. Come Thanksgiving,  you'll also have a decorative tree to admire. If you're trying to steer clear of tourist-crazy Union Square, opt for the Embarcadero Center Ice Rink, which opens on November 19. Either way, you  have plenty of time. Both rinks stay open through the first week of January.,

Palomino at the Aurora

Writers often find themselves on unconventional career paths, thanks to the tentative fiscal prospect of writing the next great novel. Thus, Kieran McGrath finds himself staring at the meandering rear end of a horse as it clops through Central Park and straight toward his next resume bullet point: accidental gigolo. Trading his attractive and literary self to wealthy women for financial gain, McGrath thinks he’s found his plot.  


Photos: Young The Giant @ Loaded vs Popscene, Rickshaw Stop

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Gorillaz Jam in CGI at the San Francisco International Animation Festival

It’s no secret that SF’s cityslickers love animation, but the Fifth Annual San Francisco International Animation Festival takes its urban cred to a new level by combining the imaginative works of the animation industry with alterna-pop lyrics and videos. At this four-day event, you’ll see the Gorillaz video for “Stylo” (the first single off Plastic Beach), in which the band will jam onscreen in CGI for the first time. And The Decemberists’ latest, The Hazards of Love, is no longer just for the ears—the entire album will be presented with coinciding animated films. From CGI to Claymation and cutout, it all comes to life on the big screen this Thursday.

Photos: Florence and the Machine @ The Fox Theater

Follow our music photographer, Misha Vladimirskiy, for free music downloads and chances to win show tickets

Former 'SNL' Players Will Ferrell, Tina Fey Embark on 'Homoerotic' Adventure

It’s a formidable comedy match: Will Ferrell and Tina Fey, reunited for the first time since their years together at Saturday Night Live, each having graduated to movies and, in Fey's case, the Emmy-winning NBC comedy 30 Rock, which she created and stars in.
They find themselves gamely butting heads in Megamind, the animated satire in which Ferrell plays the titular super-villain, ordinarily hapless in his attempts to subdue Brad Pitt’s cocksure crime fighter, Metro Man. When one of Megamind's schemes actually pays off, leaving him without a worthy nemesis and Metro City vulnerable, the diabolical genius becomes the unlikely savior of a city in crisis.

Doomed Romance Blossoms in the Aftermath of an Alien Attack in 'Monsters'

It was routine mechanical failures and budgetary restraints, more than divine – marine? –  inspiration, that led a young Steven Spielberg to keep his shark from audiences throughout so much of Jaws. In the case of first-time feature director Gareth Edwards, the choice was dictated by necessity: To make a $15,000 movie about monsters, the monsters would have to stay scarce.

Monsters is no Jaws, but the comparison is apt on one level: Edwards, like Spielberg, manages to sustain tension even in the absence of early or frequent payoffs. Rather than unleashing his beasts, Edwards hides them, letting the threat they pose loom in their absence. The shadows are pregnant with peril.

The Week in Local Music News

San Francisco's The Soft Moon -- the solo project of Lumerians multi-instrumentalist Luis Vasquez -- release yet another haunting epic [via Stereo Gum]

Oakland and Los Angeles based noise makers KIT premier new video on The Fader [via The Fader]

DJs Take Over Public Works This Saturday Night

If the East Bay gets too crazy to make it out to the Oakland Art Murmur tonight, get your arts fix at one of our favorites, the very multi-faceted Public Works, this Saturday, November 6th. Take in new works by Nathan Richard Phelps in a collection called Exuberance and dance the night away with fresh DJs who excel in hip hop, dance and dubstep beats.

Artist Freya Prowe's Pop-Up Slingshot Gallery to Debut This Weekend on Valencia

This Saturday smack dab in the middle of the Mission (890 Valencia), local artist Freya Prowe is debuting her new pop-up art space, Slingshot Gallery.

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