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SF Authors' Luncheon Celebrates The Year's Brightest Writers

For any fanatic of the written word, the SF Authors' Luncheon, now in its 22nd year, is the place to be this Saturday, November 6th at the SF Marriott Marquis. Benefitting the National Kidney Foundation, the audience gets a chance to bask in the witty glow of six nationally known authors over lunch, followed by book signings and mingling.

ODD at ODC Theater Speculates on the Nature of Flesh and the Human Condition

Ballet. Tap. Jazz. Modern. Hip hop. Rhythm and Motion. All forms of dance you're familiar with. Wheelchairs moving effortlessly in a seamlessly choreographed work of art—now, this is a dance concept you may never have heard of. This weekend, inkBoat and AXIS Dance Company come together to present ODD at ODC Theater, a collaboration inspired by the Scandinavian painter Odd Nerdrum whose work plunges to the depths of human condition, exposing loneliness, fear, hatred, birth, and death with uncanny precision.

Shepard Fairey and Skate, Punk & Hip Hop Photographer Glen E. Friedman Bring Works to 941 Geary

We've taken you from the conception to the grand opening of the city's sweetest new gallery, 941 Geary. Now get pumped for the exhibition space's most street cred-inducing show yet, F--- You All by photographer Glen E. Friedman, with never-before-seen collaborations with Shepard Fairey.

Friedman, the documentarian of the beginning of skate culture and the early punk and hip hop scenes, has an impressive repertoire, from edgy, fisheyed action shots of the Z-Boys to gritty portraits of the likes of Run DMC and a young LL Cool J. Pair Friedman with street art guru and longtime admirer Fairey and you've got several symbiotic collaborations that will be displayed alongside the original photographs they'll pay tribute to.

With 'Fair Game,' Doug Liman, Naomi Watts Get to the Heart of Valerie Plame's CIA Nightmare

Actors usually feel an elevated sense of responsibility when playing real-life characters, a desire to do them justice without pulling any dramatic punches. Especially when their living alter egos are monitoring them on the set.
Just ask Naomi Watts, who stars as ex-CIA officer Valerie Plame in Doug Liman’s new thriller Fair Game. Watts first met Plame during filming, long after her cover with the agency had been blown as the result of a White House leak following her husband's public discrediting of the Bush administration's claim that Saddam Hussein had obtained weapons-grade uranium from the African nation of Niger. Getting to know the onetime covert operative presented a unique challenge.

Photos: Bloody Beetroots @ Mezzanine

Look out for free music and show tickets follow

Required Reading: Douglas McGray

After reporting on the publishing experiments turning up around San Francisco, we asked the city’s writers what they’re reading these days, and they were happy to share. Look for Required Reading every week. 

Douglas McGray has a voracious appetite for all things media--and the unexpected. McGray brings stories to life (on stage) as editor in chief of Pop-Up Magazine. The New America Foundation fellow also contributes to The New Yorker, This American Life, and, of course, the Twitterverse

Photos: Gary Numan @ The Fillmore

Look out for free music and show tickets follow

Project Night Night: Delivering Packages Filled with Blankets, Stuffed Animals and Books to Shelters

A few weeks ago you voted Project Night Night, an organization that assembles and delivers packages filled with new blankets, stuffed animals and books to homeless and domestic violence shelters as one of your seven favorite charities in the city.  Congrats to Project Night Night! They'll be receiving a $700 gift from us for the holidays for their great work in the city.

West Side Story at the Orpheum

If you’ve never seen rival gangs bust out the jazz hands at a dance-off to prove their turf dominion, you really need to check out West Side Story. (This kind of thing definitely doesn’t go down on The Wire.) A revival of the hoodlum-rumbling, game-changing 1957 musical about a lower-class Romeo and a Puerto Rican Juliet in New York City comes to San Francisco with all the verve - if not quite the shock - of the original.

Home Movies: Adam Sandler's Regressive Foray into Adulthood, Michael Cera's Bruising Video-Game Romance

Based on an original story by Adam Sandler and former Saturday Night Live writer Fred Wolf, Grown Ups contains not a single imaginative minute. It is as lazily conceived as anything Sandler has done.
But it must have been a blast to make. Judging by the fact that Sandler and his fellow SNL alum, with King of Queens star Kevin James gamely filling in for the late Chris Farley, spend so much time laughing at their own jokes, we might reasonably suspect something funny is afoot. Just try and find it.

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