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A Sopranos Reunion, Sort Of

David Chase, creator of HBO’s dearly departed The Sopranos, is planning to reunite with one of his best-known stars from the New Jersey-based mob drama, but no need to choke on your Cannoli – it’s not James Gandolfini. 

Longtime E Street Band guitarist and Sopranos co-star Steven Van Zandt will produce the music for the director’s feature debut, an as-yet-untitled music-driven coming-of-age story set in 1960s suburbia.
Production is set to begin in January 2011.

Also a creative force behind the 1990 CBS comedy series Northern Exposure, Chase revealed that actors John Magaro (Wes Craven's My Soul to Take) and Jack Huston (HBO’s Boardwalk Empire) will star, with the first-time director working from an original script.

Scary Berkeley: Killing My Lobster's Latest Video

Killing My Lobster, the SF sketch comedy group who brought us the much re-tweeted Coffee Wars video earlier this month (which is even funnier, given the recent Blue Bottle drama), is out with another. It's Man v. Wild, set in the backcountry of...Berkeley.



Sonny & the Sunsets Takes Great American Music Hall Tomorrow Night

Don't get me wrong--I like Best Coast a heck of a lot. I'm just way more excited to see San Francisco band Sonny & the Sunsets open for them at their Great American Music Hall show tomorrow night, the 26th. With their latest and most excellent disc Tomorrow Is Alright (Fat Possum) hot off the presses this summer, Sonny & the Sunsets--who have been rigorously touring for a few months now--has become one of our best musical exports.

Wired Co-Founder Kevin Kelly on 'What Technology Wants'

Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired (he's now a Senior Maverick there) and one of the greatest technology thinkers of our time, presents a provocative new theory of technology in his latest book, What Technology Wants. In it, he suggests that "the technium," is a living, evolving superorganism, driving itself towards inevitable steps of evolution. It's a heady concept, not just because it presents technology as something more sweeping than just gadgets and the Internet, but also in that it denies the role of the individual "inventor" in technological progress. I chatted with Kelly in between his lectures in New York to get a walk-through on the book and his theory.

Indie Theater Roundup: 7 Movies to See at Docfest

If you're looking for an alternative to sports bars and postgame traffic jams – not that there's anything wrong with them, mind you – San Francisco's ninth annual Documentary Festival is in full swing at the Roxie through Thursday. Catch it while you can. For tickets, click here.

The Week in Local Music News

Local indie outpost Aquarius Records turns 40; Best Coast, Lumerians, The Mantles and more scheduled for their birthday bash [via SFBG]

San Francisco beatmakers Lazer Sword premiere new track on Altered Zones [via Altered Zones]

Parking Quiz Answer: Who Gets The Most Parking Tickets in San Francisco Per Year?

A few hours ago, parking guy (and rabid Giants fan) David La Bua, author of Finding the Sweet Spot, concocted a parking quiz to cheer you up on this gloomy Friday-- asking who gets the most parking tickets in the city per year. Think you have a lot of tickets to pay? The answer will make you feel a lot better about yourself!

Who receives the most parking tickets per year in San Francisco?

A) You 

B) People with a Dodgers sticker on their bumper


D) Comcast

E) Fed Ex

Daly City's Sam Rockwell Talks 'Conviction,' Movies Overlooked and His Unwavering Passion for Acting

What if you made a movie and nobody saw it? The studios didn’t promote it. The theaters didn’t play it. It died a quiet and overlooked death. Sam Rockwell knows the feeling too well.

That didn’t happen to a surefire juggernaut like this spring’s Iron Man 2, in which the Daly City native played a corporate rival to the unsinkable Tony Stark. And it probably won’t happen to Conviction, directed by onetime Ghost star Tony Goldwyn and inspired by the true story of Betty Anne Waters, a Massachusetts wife and mother who put herself through law school in a desperate bid to overturn her brother’s conviction for murder.

Debaser's Dance Party Will Kick Off Your Halloween Weekend Right

Debaser is undeniably one of the most infamous, sweaty, beer-soaked dance parties in town, and it's just around the corner next Friday, October 29th to ring in your Halloween weekend in an epic way at 111 Minna.

Parking Quiz: Who Gets the Most Parking Tickets Per Year in SF?

It's no secret that parking in the city is a bitch. So we've enlisted local parking guru and author of  Finding the Sweet Spot, David La Bua, to dish out weekly tips on navigating the ins and outs of city parking.

Think you've got a lot of parking tickets to pay? You probably do, but are you in the running to win the distinction of receiving the most parking tickets per year in San Francisco? Take a guess and we'll post the answer in a few hours!

Who receives the most parking tickets per year in San Francisco?

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