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The Beat Master

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Techno artist and producer Matthew Dear played cuts off his new and decidedly more pop effort Asa Breed at Mezzanine on Thursday, October 18.

Matthew Dear

Matthew Dear Matthew Dear

Animal House

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Philadelphia-based psychedelic group Dr. Dog played tracks off their recent album We All Belong for a rambunctious crowd at the Independent on Thursday, October 18.

Dr. Dog

Dr. Dog

Dr. Dog

The Wall

courtesy of Jeff Wall

It’s a well-known truth that people always want to be what they are not. This seems especially true when it comes to hair color (if only I could pull off red!) and occupation (oh, to be an astronaut).  I’ve noticed recently that every artist I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with insists their art is closer to another genre than what it seems, in a “yes, I make wood carvings, but I consider them to be paintings” kind of way.

Get with the Caper <i>Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead</i> …

Devil Knows You're Dead
Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead; courtesy of THINKFilm

Heist Movies Gone Wild …

Greetings and salutations* film nerds …

Pop Rocks

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Flamboyant chamber-pop artist and multi-instrumentalist Patrick Wolf performed songs off  his latest effort The Magic Position at Mezzanine on Monday, October 15. Glam-folk performer and sitar virtuoso Bishi opened the show.


Patrick Wolf

Patrick Wolf

Post-Halloween Film Picks

Latino Film Fest
The Year My Parents Went On Vacation; courtesy of Castro Theatre

Greetings and salutations film friends, here's some film picks to check out while I recover from my Halloween hangover. Oh, and don't forget to be bad and get into trouble, baby.*

Film Happenings Around Town
• 11/1 SF Cinematique Presents: Dia De los Muertos - avant garde cinema at the Roxie
• 11/2-11/8: Corn (2007) Dir Woolf - Red Vic

TankFarm Future Sounds Exclusive Guest Playlist

Film School
courtesy of Film School

Here's Larry Little from TankFarm Future Sounds top seven local picks.

Melissa's Playlist 10.31.07

courtesy of Sunset Rubdown

Due to copyright issues, some songs on this playlist may be reduced to 30-second samples. For the full-length tracks check out our 7x7 imeem page.

Synth Dreams

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

LA synth-rock outfit Moving Units played songs off their latest effort Hexes for Exes at Popscene on Thursday, October 11.

Moving Units

Moving Units
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