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7 Questions with <i>Superbad</i>’s Stars

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Superbad is a movie about sex, drugs, under-age drinking, but above all else, it's about friendship.

The three main actors, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera and Christopher Mintz-Plasse are pants down hilarious. I cannot recall the last time I laughed so much during a movie or an interview.

Under the Blacklight

Rilo Kiley
Under the Blacklight
Warner Brothers
(Out August 21)

Melissa's Playlist 08.08.07

courtesy of Bat for Lashes

Due to copyright issues, some songs on this playlist may be reduced to 30-second samples. For the full-length tracks check out our 7x7 imeem page.

Paying Existential Respects to a Swedish Bad Ass

courtesy of Criterion Collection

The Godless Universe Loves An Existential Bad Ass
While killing time between screenings in the Anderson Boys movie marathon, I built an altar in the lobby of the Castro after learning the last remaining European auteur immortal, Sweden’s Ingmar Bergman decided to take a dirt nap on us at the tender age of 89.

Please Welcome The Hot List

The ladies of A+E; photography by Matt Knudsen

Attention Nightwatch readers:

Starting today, you can find our blog entries, previews, audio playlists and record reviews on our new blog called the Hot List that focuses on art, music and cultural happenings in San Francisco. You can still check out the  Nightwatch blog for coverage of the SF nightlife scene with excellent photography courtesy of Misha Vladimirskiy. Come join us at the Hot List for our weekly art, culture and music picks.

Next Gen

Courtesy of Gen Art

Sonic Voyage

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

DJ Z-Trip, who has been dubbed the "Godfather of Mash-ups," rocked the Independent Friday, July 24 with a little help from his friends. Special guests included SF-based Blackalicious MC Gift of Gab, Freestyle Fellowship MC Aceyalone and Too Short protege Rappin' 4-Tay.

The Anderson Boys, You’re Our Only Hope

Greeting and salutations* from San Francisco’s historic Castro Theatre where legend has it, after the 1968 film premier of Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple, a cockeyed Jack Lemmon took a stand for alcoholic film nerds everywhere by conjuring the might of 200 Felix Ungers to uncork a can of whoop-ass on his equally soused co-star Walter Matthau in an il

The Hot List

The ladies of A+E; photography by Matt Knudsen

Dear devoted Nightwatch readers,
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