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Tonight: de Young Museum's Mission Muralismo Film Series & Performances by Amaldecor

Add this to the mountainous pile of awesome art events kicking off this weekend: the de Young Museum's got a lot going on tonight, starting at 5:30 pm with their excellent Mission Muralismo film series, showing Piece by Piece and one of the Berlin International Film Festival's favorites, Qualit

Sunday's San Francisco Theater Festival Is Free, Features Beach Blanket Babylon & More

Comedians, people in very large hats, one-man shows, and the world’s only pencil musician join the dozens of theater companies converging on Yerba Buena Center this weekend.

In a cunning plot to rope in new audiences, the San Francisco Theater Festival puts on a whole cluster of shows at Yerba Buena Center once a year - all for free.

Ballerinas in the Mist: SF Ballet at Stern Grove

This post is for the subset of the San Francisco population inhabiting the Venn diagram interception between People Who Enjoy Classical Dance and People Fond of the Free. With the related but not strictly necessary parallel with People Fond of Drinking Booze at the Ballet.

Next Weekend's American Craft Council Show Rivals the Coolness of Outside Lands

No ticket to Outside Lands? No problem, because there's an almost cooler event going down the same weekend: the American Craft Council show at Fort Mason. It's a celebration of all things handmade and one-of-a-kind, and there's so much to take in, there's no possible way you could do it all in one day.

The main attraction is the showcase of talented up-and-coming artists from around the country who excel in making uncommon creations, like upcycled jewelry made from LEGOs to "trashion" pieced together from weird materials like fish skin and fruit bags.

Classical Roundup: August is Looking Rather French

John Ferguson

Known for his nimble fingers and impassioned delivery, John Ferguson has plunked himself down on piano benches across the country to perform the most Herculean solo works in the classical canon. Two contrasting Beethoven pieces are on tap for his San Francisco appearance - the sublime and devilishly tricky Hammerklavier Sonata Op. 106 and the serene Pastoral Sonata Op. 28.

Robert Duvall Knocks on Heaven's Door in 'Get Low'

Robert Duvall brings his characteristic gravity and a gruff sense of humor to Felix Bush, a backwoods recluse who has chosen, for mysterious reasons, to plan and preside over his own funeral, in Get Low, Aaron Schneider’s quietly effective feature debut.

Superhero Weekend at Playland-Not-at-the-Beach

A tribute to San Francisco's historic oceanside amusement park Playland at the Beach, El Cerrito's Playland-Not-at-the-Beach dubs itself a "Museum of Fun." The indoor museum contains over 30 pinball machines you can play for free, penny arcades with "antique amusement devices," magicians, a hand-carved miniature circus, and exhibits honoring carnival and amusement park history—all without the freezing cold of the original Playland's Ocean Beach location. If you've just returned from Comic-Con, don't pack that Batman costume away just yet. This weekend is Super Heroes Weekend at Playland, with prizes for fun-seekers who show up in superhero costumes. There's also a flea circus starring Professor B!

Breaking Down Buddy-Cop Clichés with 'The Other Guys'

Never mind the barely functional story line that provides a flimsy backdrop for Will Ferrell’s improvised riffs and Mark Wahlberg’s empty-headed rants in The Other Guys, the latest collaboration from Ferrell and Adam McKay.
Since teaming up after coinciding runs on Saturday Night Live – Ferrell as the show’s most charismatic star, McKay as its head writer – they have lampooned TV talking heads in 2004’s Anchorman and asinine adrenaline junkies in 2006’s Talladega Nights. Here, they target buddy-cop clichés, among them two rock-star detectives straight out of Michael Bay’s playbook.

Phish Phans Freaking Out for Greek Theatre Tix

Although they're not really on my radar, it's actually become difficult to escape any mention of Phish's three-day takeover of Berkeley's Greek Theatre this weekend. And because the shows sold out months ago in approximately five minutes, many "phans" too spaced out to click a few buttons (and others who tried and failed because of an overwhelmed Ticketmaster server) missed another chance to see Phish---otherwise known as the second coming of the Grateful Dead.

Gorillaz Tix On Sale Friday 10 a.m.

Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett are back from a long hiatus with Gorillaz' highly anticipated third studio album Plastic Beach. Featuring the likes of Snoop Dogg, Mos Def, De La Soul, Little Dragon and more, this one is poised to be their best yet. And with Gorillaz' track record of sold-out performances, our guess is that you'll have about a hot second to get tix. So, get up early, grab a coffee and be on Live Nation's site before the official sale starts at 10 a.m. Friday morning, 8/6.

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