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Is It Wrong to Not Wear Your Wedding Ring?

I’ve been married two years and my husband always “forgets” to wear his wedding ring. He takes it off to exercise or cook and then just leaves it off. He admits he doesn’t like wearing it because he isn’t a “jewelry guy,” and it bugs his finger. Naturally, I don’t like this one little bit. What do I do?

Two Gallants’ Tyson Vogul Debuts Devotionals Today

Tyson Vogul of Two Gallants joins forces with Anton Patzner (Judgment Day, Bright Eyes) for the Devotionals project and we’re all better for it. Vogul’s folks-y, backwoods compositions drenched in deep thoughts and whiskey are the perfect companion to Patzner’s violin prowess. Download “Chest Like Expansive Wings” for free and by all means, buy the new self-titled album!

Conan O'Brien's Rescheduled Sketchfest This Saturday @ Herbst Theatre

When Conan O'Brien got brutally booted from NBC's late night pantheon earlier this year, the entire nation felt his pain and joined Team Coco. Countless television interviews and one sold-out revenge themed comedy tour later, Conan has slowed down just enough to sit down with his comrades Andy Richter and Patton Oswalt at Herbst Theatre this Saturday, July 17

Win Tix to the Dodos and the New Pornographers @ the Fox

The New Pornographers (on tour promoting their new album) and the Dodos  take the stage at the Fox Theater this Sunday in what might be the best 1-2 combo since the xx and Hot Chip played there back in April.

Stellar Lineup at This Year's Silent Film Festival

Not only does the Silent Film Festival give aficionados the opportunity to view rare silent movies from the 1920s, but the restored 35mm prints are presented as they were meant to be seen: in a grand old theater (in this case, the Castro), accompanied by live musicians.

Win Tickets to Beach Blanket Babylon!

The living’s a bit foggy these days, so it’s time to color things up. In that spirit, we’re giving away five pairs of tickets to Steve Silver’s Beach Blanket Babylon, an SF institution.

Eager to Be in the ‘Moneyball’ Movie? Here’s Your Chance

Your chances of hobnobbing with the stars – in this case, Brad Pitt, who plays stats-obsessed Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane in the on-again, off-again and now on-again baseball drama Moneyball – remain slim. It probably won’t be your big break. But if you’ve ever dreamed of sharing the big screen with some of this generation’s most compelling talents, including Pitt, Jonah Hill and Philip Seymour Hoffman, you’re in luck.

'The Backyard' at ArtHaus

Chris Schiavo’s color-saturated photographs of backyards in Queens, New York—such as the burning doghouse depicted in Fido—are both nostalgic and surreal.

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