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Get Thee to Wanderlust

Don't write this off as a hokey hippie retreat—last year's inaugural Wanderlust Music and Yoga Festival was hands-down the coolest summer music experience in Northern California. Starting today, you can downward dog to your heart's content, learn firsthand what acroyoga is all about and get a grand dose of music in the great outdoors.

QUEST Explains the Fog

Yes, this summer has been gray, foggy, and cooler than usual, but according to this QUEST Science on the SPOT report, Science of Fog, the fog is actually vital to the Bay Area's plants and animals—especially our precious redwoods. UC Berkeley professor and biogeochemistry expert Dr. Todd Dawson explains the science behind why San Francisco gets so dismal in the summer. The next time you start to curse the summer fog, think of the redwoods first!

Video Link: Science of the Fog from KQED's QUEST

Neighborhoods Poster Sold Out Online

Update, folks: Our July issue cover poster, a "psychological map" of San Francisco neighborhoods by local artist Wendy MacNaughton, has just sold out online.  But fret not, you can still get your hands on one at the following retail locations:

Books Inc (Opera Plaza and Market Street)

Green Apple Books

String Ensemble Performs Depeche Mode's Violator Album Tonight @ Cafe Du Nord

Twenty years ago, were you a club kid dancing your nights away to Depeche Mode's awesome synthpop classic Violator? No doubt you've mellowed a bit since then, which is why this re-imagining of Violator is particularly brilliant: the Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble and strings will perform the entire album from start to finish, completely live at Cafe Du Nord tonight for Violator's 20th anniversary. So go back to a time before you were all grown up, had a big scary job and bills to pay, because you have some re-living of your teenage years to do.

Trying to Date an SF Lameboy

I hear a lot about SF guys being unable to commit to a longterm relationship, but I’m having trouble finding one who can simply commit to a date! Whether I meet the guy through friends, while out on the town or online, what I’ve been finding are a lot of men who are GOP (great on paper)—educated, career-minded—but who flake like dandruff. Last Sunday a guy showed up for brunch an hour late, in his workout clothes and covered in sweat (all to "train for a 5k"). Other guys have FOMO (fear of missing out) and never commit to a time or place, just in case something else comes up.  My girlfriends and I sometimes swap and forward these guys’ hilarious messages. Here’s one thread:

Lame-o: "When do I get to see you next?"

Me: "Whenever."

Lame-o: "Well, I can't this weekend. Maybe some other time?"

Me: "Oh, ok."

Lame-o: "Ok, bye."

Any advice on how to find an SF guy who can show up to a real date?

Bikes and Music, Together Again!

The Bicycle Music Festival returns to San Francisco this weekend for its fourth year. Started in 2007, the BMF touts four features unique to any music festival the city has to offer. First, the PA system is powered entirely by people pedaling stationary bikes. Second, organizers and volunteers transport all equipment to and from the festival sites on bicycle. Third, the event takes place at multiple locations throughout the city. This year the event starts at Speedway Meadow at noon, becomes mobile for the parade to the second spot at 5, and finishes out the evening at Showplace Triangle (16th & Wisconsin).

Geek Out with Jessie Schell Tonight at 'Visions of Gamepocalypse'

I'm fresh out of Inception and still grappling with what to make of it. For one...what? For two, I'm tending to agree with the web mumblings on the film's video game ties. The snow scene? I don't play Modern Warfare 2, but if I walked into the theater while those faceless-snow-warriors-on-skis were shooting at some undefined building in the middle of some undefined mountains, I would think I was in a teenage boy's video game lair.

Video games are increasingly an integral part of our cultural consciousness and tonight's lecture at YBCA is dedicated to this very topic.

This Week’s Hottest Events: Tracy Morgan, Wanderlust and Joanna Newsom

Comedy: Tracy Morgan
After seven seasons on Saturday Night Live and four seasons opposite Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey on 30 Rock, SAG award winner Tracy Morgan ’s still got it going on. The Emmy nominee wraps up his current summer stand-up tour right here in SF at Cobb’s next week; the shows are bound to sell out, so if you don’t yet have tickets, start scouring Craigslist. Thursday, 7/29 - Sunday, 8/1; Cobb's Comedy Club, 915 Columbus Ave., 415-928-4320

'You Are What You Eat:' The Ultimate Fridge Snoop Project

Admit it, it's pretty interesting to look inside people's refrigerators. The contents reveal so much about the owner. Rotting food? They're messy, lazy or just gross. Lots of take out boxes? They're not into cooking, have money to spend and are probably busy.

You are What You Eat, which showcases this Wednesday as part of the Por(trait) Revealed Opening Reception, is the ultimate fridge snoop project.

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