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Freaking Out for an iPhone 4

It's one of those depressing San Francisco summer mornings that make you want to hide under your covers and google pictures of Tahiti. But that didn't stop the masses from filing up to get some of the first iPhone 4s at Apple's flagship Union Square store. Although the thing was left in a bar a few months back (inducing a major proliferation of the hash tag #fail on twitter), the new iPhone is seriously covetable and already a hit. We're going to say this one warrants the line.

Taking In ‘The Full Picture’ with SF Filmmaker Jon Bowden

Bay views, Twin Peaks, a rainbow-hued array of sushi and lots of passion -- all crucial components in The Full Picture, a new SF indie by local filmmaker Jon Bowden. The writer and director poured everything he had -- his apartment, his personal history -- into the feature-film version of his play Big Mouth, a close look at one SF every-guy as he introduces his fiancee to his very dysfunction family, complete with caddish brother and a mother with a penchant for taking photos at extremely inconvenient moments.

Homecoming for Pavement Reunion Tour

Pavement, a cornerstone of Matador in the 90s—and a band one usually either loves, hates, or hasn't heard of—brings their much-awaited reunion tour to their hometown of Stockton this Thursday and to the Greek Theater in Berkeley on Friday. Scott Kannenberg (aka Spiral Stairs) and Stephen Malkmus formed the band in their later-to-be estranged drummer Gary Young's studio in Stockton in 1989. Rumor has it that Young will make at least an appearance at the Stockton show at the Bob Hope Theater and possibly pop up in Berkeley as well. Neither the Stockton show nor the Berkely show have sold out but plenty of people are trying to get rid of Greek Theater tickets on Craigslist if you're looking for a discount.

July's Hottest Concert Tickets

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7 LBGT Locals Who Give San Francisco Its Good Gay Name

Richard Klein: The Professional

Richard Klein has mad connections. As founder and publisher of the design glossy Surface, the 43-year-old is an authority on the avant-garde scene. These days, Klein is making the most of his hard-won stature to bolster the success of an equally stylish set—his peers in the gay community.

2010 Pride Guide: 10 Events Not to Miss

The tidal wave known as SF Pride drops this week. A bunch of insanity is about to unfold, so get ready to enjoy it all to the fullest with our 2010 Best of Pride picks.


Thursday, June 24

Video: Mission Goes Wild After Mexico Beats France

After their draw with South Africa, Mexico needed a win, and for more than a morale boost. As soon as the Mexico v. France match ended, the horns of celebration started up in the Mission. If you don't have a team yet, Mexico is a good choice if only for the sheer joy in the Mission when the team wins. The Mission was in full-on celebration mode for about an hour. Mexico's next match is against Uruguay on Tuesday, June 22, so call in to work with car trouble or food poisoning and find a bar open for the match at 7am PST. Mexico only needs a draw to advance. Video after the jump... El Farolito

Summer Nights: Grease Sing-along at Dusk

Seriously, if you're in your 20s and 30s and still don't know all the words to the songs (and the dialogue, for that matter) in the iconic movie musical, Grease, then I'm afraid that I'll need more proof that you haven't been living under a rock. You still have a few hours to clear your evening schedules for a dusk showing of the film at Dolores Park, the first of the San Francisco Neighborhood Theater Foundation's Film Night in the Park series. Bundle up, bring a picnic dinner, and get ready to sing at the top of your lungs. I'm especially looking forward to John Travolta's pelvic thrusts in "Grease Lightning" and Olivia Newton-John's pitch-perfect rendition of "Hopelessly Devoted" (also a karaoke standby for me).

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