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The Week in Local Music News

The tubes go crazy for Wallpaper and The Morning Bender's collaboration [via Hype Machine]

Tastemaker Weekly Tape Deck highlights rising local duo Craft Spells [via Weekly Tape Deck]

7x7's Best Of The City 2010 Party Photo Booth

We had a blast last night at our annual Best of the City party at Ghirardelli Square. The weather couldn't have been better and it was great to see all of our 2010 Best of the City picks together in one spot. Wallpaper (a Best of the City Arts & Entertainment pick) heated up the dance floor and Peaches, our Pet Poll winner, melted hearts with her cuteness. Check out photos from the photo booth below!

An Odyssey Homer Never Envisioned: The Hilarious ‘Get Him to the Greek’

Aldous Snow is living the rock ’n’ roll nightmare, stuck on the downside of a career sabotaged by canceled gigs, bubble-brained vanity projects and addiction. He’s blazing a path to the front page of the tabloids, his days and nights a blur of sex and drugs, and it’s not just his music that’s suffering.

Enter Aaron Green, the junior record exec and diehard fan determined to resurrect Snow’s career – and jumpstart his own – by convincing the world’s most decadent rocker to revisit the stage that made him a star, at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. Snow, now a laughable self-parody, embraces the plan, but following through is last on his list of priorities.

Classical Roundup: Depeche Mode and Angelic Choirs

Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble

...performs Depeche Mode's Violator album in its entirety at Eagle Tavern tomorrow night. My 14-year-old self would find that more awesome only if Jordan Catalano was featured on the cello. (No disrespect meant to Adam Young, who actually plays the cello - and is certain to do a much better job than Jordan Catalano.) Playing the album live from start to finish, the ensemble (led, as one might expect, by classical composer Jack Curtis Dubowsky) blends violin, trombone, and the aforementioned cello with synthesizer and drums. And a hefty dose of awesome.

In The Wake at Berkeley Rep

If you had to turn off the radio - possibly by hurling a dinner roll or a hardback novel or whatever else came to hand - whenever President Bush's dulcet tones hit the airwaves, brace yourself. Berkeley Rep's In The Wake is underscored by Bush's presidency, from Florida to reelection to his ignominious departure from the world stage. But the story's emotional center is a family's journey from a halcyonic Thanksgiving - marred only by the cigarette-roughened antisocial tendencies of an unexpected guest - to disintegration.

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