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Frightened Rabbit/Maps & Atlases @ The Fillmore

Frightened Rabbit is the kind of band that you go to see repeatedly because they fulfill your every expectation. They always come through, and occasionally they even surprise you. They're kind of like your thickly accented, but reliable Scottish buds.

In The 'Swim': Caribou Surfaces At The Independent

The most dance-floor ready album by Caribou yet? Yes, of course, London-based songwriter Dan Snaith said recently from Austin, Texas, where Caribou had stopped to perform during its current tour. There’s no reining in the man behind one of the most shockingly powerful live shows I’ve ever seen at Bottom of the Hill -- listeners have been enthusiastically embracing Caribou’s new Swim (Merge). One can only assume their ears are well attuned to the onetime Manitoba mastermind’s electro-esque indie -- Swim simply foregrounds the beats to beautiful effect. And if you’re ready to take the plunge, Caribou performs two nights, May 23 and 24, at the Independent.

Indie Theater Roundup: 7 Movies to See This Week

With Iron Man 2 enjoying almost unprecedent box-office success and Shrek returning to theaters Friday for what's being billed as the final chapter of his fairy-tale saga, the summer of big-budget blockbusters is already in full swing.

After Decade of Box-Office Dominance, Shrek Gets His ‘Forever After’

Time has been less than kind to Shrek, the endearingly ornery ogre from the land of Far, Far Way, where the villagers who once feared his quick temper now see him as a cuddly tourist attraction.

In Shrek Forever After – billed as the fourth and final installment of a franchise that has earned more than $1.5 billion in the U.S. alone – he is mired in the malaise of monotonous routine, both as a diaper-changing father of three and as a monster who’s tired of being Mr. Nice Guy.

This Weekend at Yerba Buena: tribes/dominion

Between Facebook, Twitter, and email, we tend to know more about our friends via their status updates than we do from talking to them face-to-face. Or even over that charming old technology, the telephone. Choreographer Sara Shelton Mann and media artist David Szlasa join forces to investigate how people experience each other when much of that experiencing is done via a little glowing screen. The world premiere of tribes/dominion is an amalgam of recorded sound, live recorded text, spoken images, and movement – all of which is given the same weight, rather than one medium existing only to supplement another.

June's Hottest Concert Tickets

Are you tired of going out nearly every night and practically forfieiting your wallet to various venues in the City? Nah, me neither. Well, don't expect anything to slow down, the summer's just heating up.


6/2 - Mumford & Sons/The Middle East @ Slim's: Yikes, another sold-out Mumford & Sons show. In fact almost every single stop on their tour is completely sold out. If you're itching to test their brand of British folk revival, then get to searching here on Craigslist.

Freelance Whales and Shout Out Louds @ Great American

It's hard not to have a good time at The Great American Music Hall. Every single band I've ever seen there has stopped mid-show to comment on the remarkable (and well-kept) hand-detailed carpentry on the interior. That being said, the perfection sometimes stops there.

Two Sense: Why Are Women So Nuts?

Why are women so nuts? I meet this cute, smart, funny girl at the Elbo Room. We hook up. We go on a few dates. Suddenly, here comes the drama: sulking, dirty looks, snappy remarks, tears. She’s hot and cold. She wants to talk about where things are headed. It’s only week 5! How the hell do I know where things are headed? Why can’t women just date for a while and chill out? —Normal Guy

Jennifer Siebel Newsom on Advice for This Year's Graduates, 'Miss Representation' and SF Small Business Week

It’s San Francisco Small Business Week, a celebration of all the entrepreneurial energy that makes San Francisco, well, San Francisco. The week features a brigade of workshops, panels and networking opportunities to help Bay Area business people leverage what this city has to offer.

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