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Teaspoon, Clouds and a Rich Wife

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

With three albums now under its belt, Seattle-based indie-rock band The Long Winters—whose latest album with songs entitled "Teaspoon," "Clouds," "Honest" and "Rich Wife" is "addictive listening" according to Spin magazine, headlined at The Independent on Saturday with West Indian Girl as the opener.

When the President Talks to God

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, indie trio Bright Eyes played to a sold-out audience at the Great American Music Hall last Friday. The group won Artist of the Year and Song of the Year for "When the President Talks to God," a diatribe against George W. Bush, at the 2006 PLUG Independent Music Awards.

Young Knives

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Indie pop-rock group The Young Knives worked the crowd at Popscene last Thursday as part of its world tour that includes shows in Austin, TX, for South by Southwest, New York, Boston and then a bunch more back in the homeland, the U.K.

Giddy Up

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

With more than 450 songs under its belt, The Mountain Goats had plenty to pull out of its proverbial hat at The Independent last Wednesday. Montreal's all-female pop band, Pony Up, shared the spotlight as the Goats' opening band.


Teen Dream

photography by Andrew Cotterill

Comic Relief

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

On the final day of the Noise Pop festival, the Onion A.V. Club presented the Comedians of Comedy with Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn and Maria Bamford along with special guests at The Independent.


Creating a Spectacle


Trashy Moped

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Texan natives Adam Behrens and Thomas Turner are Ghostland Observatory, which turned out two albums in less than a year on Turner's Trashy Moped label. According to Seattle Weekly (Aug. 9, 2006), "The albums are manna for the funk-starved indie public still anticipating the Rapture's sophomore disc, and are novel enough to catch the fawning affections of KEXP-FM (90.3) like a Clap Your Hands Say Yeah B-side." The duo were at Mezzanine last Saturday for Noise Pop.

Internal Wranglers

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Ain't Life Dandy

photography by Misha Vladimirskiy

Tickets to last Friday's Noise Pop show at Mezzanine sold out quickly as folks got wind that Portland-based alt rockers and subject of tell-all documentary DiG!, The Dandy Warhols, were headlining with Bay Area bands Audrye Sessions and Elephone opening. The Dandy Warhols are planning to release a greatest hits compilation this summer.

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