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Watch Cal Academy's Live Shark Cam During Shark Week

It’s Shark Week, and the California Academy of Science is going all out with a 24/7 camera featuring some of the museum's coolest inhabitants.  

Breaking: Gavin Newsom Gets Hair Wet For Charity

In a shocking move today, California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, he of the noted slicked-back coif, allowed a bucket of ice water to dampen his famous locks. Not all of it, of course, because god forbid. But he did manage to get some of his hair wet. 

Celebs You Didn't Know Were From Oakland

Sure, you can rattle off Too $hort, Billie Joe Armstrong, Angela Davis, and Jack London, but did you know about these famous peeps who grew up in The Town? 

Scenes From Outside Lands 2014

The annual Outside Lands Music Festival in Golden Gate Park came and went this past weekend. Whew. Each day had its own vibe and its own weirdos. In between sets by Kanye, Tom Petty, Disclosure, Jenny Lewis, Big Freedia, and other aural brilliance, we came across a slew of scenes and people that grabbed our attention. 

This Week in Live Music: Paul McCartney, Neon Indian, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and More

Are you guys alive? Last weekend was bonkers, and there’s no end in sight to the SF live music parade.

5 Topical Tidbits to Discuss Over Brunch

Sound bites from this week's viral stories, so you can impress your friends over breakfast. 

Spend Labor Day at a Ghost Town Music Festival + Campout

Why would you spend another three-day weekend lounging around in your underwear when you can attend a two-day music festival/campout in a Ghost Town with nearby swimming hole? 

Meanwhile, On Muni

Weekly vignettes looking at life on San Francisco's second-favorite transportation system.

Goodbye 415, Hello Scary New Area Code

As you may have heard, the 415 is full. Starting March 21, 2015, the terrifying and foreign 628 will be assigned to new numbers. Disgusting? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely. So, hold onto your 415 prefixes, folks. The age of the even-numbered area code stands before us. Brace yourselves.  

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