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Spend Labor Day at a Ghost Town Music Festival + Campout

Why would you spend another three-day weekend lounging around in your underwear when you can attend a two-day music festival/campout in a Ghost Town with nearby swimming hole? 

Meanwhile, On Muni

Weekly vignettes looking at life on San Francisco's second-favorite transportation system.

Goodbye 415, Hello Scary New Area Code

As you may have heard, the 415 is full. Starting March 21, 2015, the terrifying and foreign 628 will be assigned to new numbers. Disgusting? Yes. Necessary? Absolutely. So, hold onto your 415 prefixes, folks. The age of the even-numbered area code stands before us. Brace yourselves.  

Weekend Guide: Outside Lands Dance Party, Kiss-In Protest, & More!

The hottest events going on this weekend. 

Ranking Robin Williams' Best and Worst Movies

Whether you admire his hairy arms or you moved here because of Mrs. Doubtfire, everyone has a soft spot for Robin Williams. 

3 New Books on Our Must-Read List

Haruki Murakami is one of the most cultishly beloved authors in the States— despite the fact that all of his work is translated from Japanese. His "latest," Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, is about an engineer cut off from a group of beloved friends. It's been out in Japan for over a year, and now makes its debut Stateside.

Gucci Goes Equine-Chic at Giant Steps Charity Classic

Next season's haute équestre threads and some of the top horsewomen graced the time-honored tracks of the Sonoma Horse Park for the annual Giant Steps Classic Six Bar and Gala, sponsored by Gucci.

SF Movie Map: See All of the City's Famous Filming Locations

In honor of all the new movies that are being filmed in our fair city — from Godzilla to Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and most recently an earthquake film called San Andreas starring Hayward-native Dwayne Johnson a.k.a.The Rock— we wanted to build a map of all the famous filming locations in SF. Lo and behold, a new app, MapHook, beat us to the punch.

Fred Armisen, BATS' 20th Anniversary, & More Ways to Laugh Your Ass Off

August brings us the skewering of super-cheesy romantic vampire movies, improv shows as far as the eyes can see, Muppets, and Fred Armisen, of course.

The Legendary Brio of Bimbo's 365 Club

As the legend goes, guests visiting Bimbo’s 365 were subjected to a scandalous visage. They called her Dolfina, the woman in the fishbowl, and her appearance was part optical illusion made possible by strategically placed mirrors, and part burlesque dancer, in place to entice patrons towards the bar. She appeared as a mermaid relaxing underwater, and many of the frequent visitors and workers claimed to have dated her, “the fishbowl woman,” but like Dolfina’s illusion, who really knows the truth behind the fantasy?

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