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News Flash: Gimme Polaroid

courtesy of David Hammock

I’ve always been a fan of the Polaroid. I mean, is there anything more magical than the sort-of instant gratification of snapping an image and then waiting with baited breath as the various details of that image reveal themselves—beginning as ghost-like apparitions devoid of human detail and gradually becoming either a flattering or unflattering photo? If you ask me, the whole digital (camera) age has completely taken the suspense out of the “supermodel or not a supermodel?” verdict process that determines whether one will keep or discard a photo.

Which is why I’m extremely excited for “Gimme Polaroid V,” an art exhibition comprising the work of an international spectrum of 30-plus artists working in said retro camera medium.  The show will open this Friday at artist-run alternative space Five Points Art House in North Beach. Rather than exclusively feature loads of American Apparel looking shots of hipsters (as Polaroid shows sometimes tend to do), this installment is devoted to shots that incorporate text in one way or another. Keep an eye out for contributions from locals including Brian Holliday, Daniel Dent and Gregg Schoenberg—plus special projects like Chris Keenan’s post-Katrina documentation of the Bywater region of New Orleans.

Opening reception: Friday, January 25 (7–10pm).
Runs January 25–February 9