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SFMOMA's Pop-Up 'Shadowshop': All Artwork Less Than $250

Even the person who has everything won’t have this: Damien Hirst’s chopped up shark, floating in a bath of formaldehyde and viewed through a casket-like vitrine. You can yank the original out of Charles Saatchi’s living room, or buy the miniature version, by Bay Area-artist Byungjoon Shin, for a mere $89.99.

Shin’s work is among hundreds of artists’ tchotchkes, books, sculptures, media, and other creative output on sale at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s Shadowshop, a pop-up art store where nothing costs over $250.

Shadowshop  is the brainchild of Stephanie Syjuco, who extended the invitation to a gamut of local artists to sell original wares and reap 100% of pre-tax sales. Syjuco writes on her website that she wanted to provide a “snapshot of our vibrant and energetic art scene,” along with challenging received notions of artistic production and consumption. Plus, “Everyone loves a gift shop.” Read more...