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So You Think You Can Beer Pong?

Okay, so maybe you've graduated from Bar None. But you know that you still love yourself some beer pong from time to time. That's why we feel it's our duty to inform you of a little event called The World Series of Beer Pong, which goes down in Las Vegas (where else, really?) this January. And the qualifiying rounds are happening in the Bay Area this Thursday. So sharpen those skills and get out there. There's even a book to help you towards that end, The Book of Beer Pong: The Official Guide to the Sport of Champions, courtesy of our friends over at Chronicle Books. Keep it classy, San Francisco.

Thursday, September 24th
BPONG Satellite Tournament happening at Blue Chalk Café in Palo Alto. The winners of this Satellite tournament will qualify for entry to the 5th annual World Series of Beer Pong.

Saturday, September 26th
The BPONG team is parking the tour bus at the Stanford vs. Washington Huskies football game to BBQ, play beer pong and tailgate.

Sunday, September 27th
More tour bus tailgating at the Oakland Raiders vs. Denver Broncos game.