Hey David,

As an SF native who has his own share of parking tricks, I've really enjoyed reading your well-written book and 7x7 posts.  I had a quick question for you about something that I've gotten conflicting responses to. My girlfriend had a few parking tickets but recently sold her car back to the dealer and thus won't have to pay registration on it again.  Is she responsible for paying the parking tickets and will they transfer back over to her the next time she has to register a car or renew her drivers license or do they just stay with the car?


Ok you savvy parkers…what’s the answer? 

A) SFMTA will not stop hunting her until they finally track her down and get your money.

B) She sold the car before SFMTA caught up to her, she is scot-free.

C) The new owner will get the bill for the tickets, and they can sue her for reimbursement.

D) SFMTA has three years from the date of issuance to collect the fees, after that she does not owe them a nickel.

E) None of the above.

Write your answers in the comments below! We'll post the answer after lunch.