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Allison McCarthy

The 10 Best Halloween Parties and Events

Halloween is fast approaching, and if you’re anything like us, you’re just now scrambling to make a grand plan. And though the downfall of the Castro's chaotic festivities has left everyone without an obvious choice for holiday mayhem, we're certainly not lacking in parties and play. Whether you’re into tricks, treats or more sophisticated revelry, we’ve got you covered. Here, our Top 10 Halloween To-Dos.

Treasure Island Video: Girl Talk

Seconds before Girl Talk's Gregg Gillis entered the stage in his requisite oversized sweat suit, the audience went wild screaming his name and jumping up and down. Mosh pit mayhem ensued—overzealous teens and twenty-somethings thrashing around to a mashup of Radiohead, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, etc. We never prayed so hard for our safety. As usual, Gregg was down to pants-only by the end of his set, getting wild with his onstage posse. Surely the rowdiest act of the day, but we can't say the best. One thing's for sure—next time we're watching from afar.

Treasure Island Video: Brazilian Girls

Three albums down and one baby later, Brazilian Girls are back on the scene, bringing their eclectic Big Apple flavor to Treasure Island. Clad in a lace/mesh bodysuit with a big bulls-eye heart plastered on her chest, sexy European songstress Sabina Sciubba seduced the eagerly awaiting crowd with her trippy chants. "Good Time" set the tone of tonight's set followed by favorites like "Don't Stop" and "Sexy Asshole." Sabina beckoned, "Come on, come on" as bandmates pulled audience members onstage just in time for the closing "Pussy pussy pussy marijuana." Now those are some lyrics we won't soon forget.

Treasure Island Video: Thao with The Get Down Stay Down

Just as expected, Thao charmed the mellow crowd with her sweet voice and silly witticisms, calling us "friends" and apologizing for not wearing a dress to this special occasion. She and The Get Down Stay Down played a handful of tracks from their second album, just released last week, including the title track "Know Better Learn Faster," "Cool Yourself" and "Good Bye Good Luck."

Catch a glimpse of Thao's playful stage personality in the clip below.



Link Love: January Jones Un-enhanced and Paris Runway Couture

Juicy bits to start your weekend …

For real. GQ claims they did not enhance January Jones’ breasts on their latest cover.

As expected, Paris always comes out on top. Despite all the recession depression we’re feeling stateside, French couture is keeping it high-end. Check out The Cut’s slideshow of the best.

The Wonderland Project: Of the People, By the People, For the People

Zero budget. A few last-minute grants. All pro-bono work. Welcome to Wonderland, a month-long, multi-site art exhibition in the Tenderloin. Curated by Bay Area native Lance Fung, this project is the result of a collaborative effort between the neighborhood’s residents, nonprofits and city organizations like the North of Market Community Benefit District and groundbreaking local, national and international artist teams. More than just an art exhibit, this project is a platform for social engagement in true grass-roots fashion.

Link Love: Marc’s Red Lips, Philip Treacy’s Footwear and Condé Nast Dating

Juicy bits to start your weekend …

We love Marc, we love Nars and we love seeing Marc in Nars’ 15th birthday book. Check out a dolled up Jacobs, courtesy of Refinery29.

Iconic hat designer Philip Treacy tackles footwear. We’re already drooling over the exquisitely ostentatious styles that we’ll only ever dream of owning. Elle has the scoop.

Your Fleet Week Survival Guide

It's that time of year again when the military swarms the city to party and show off their bad-ass fighter-jet moves.  Yep, it's Fleet Week, a 28-year-old San Francisco tradition that draws over one million people every year (cha-ching, local businesses!)

As wonderful as this all sounds, San Franciscans are strongly divided about all the bruhaha. 7x7 office banter ranges from "I love it with every cell in my body" (wow) to "Fleet Week is a glamorized depiction of a reality" (ouch). So for the lovers and the haters, here's our list of the seven ways to survive the weekend.

Link Love: Pregnant Padma, Barely There Balmain and Socks with Sandals

Eye candy for the weekend …

Modelinia tells us that the pretty Padma is pregnant. Any guesses about who the baby daddy might be?

We’re always touting Balmain and Balenciaga. View on Fashion gives us a taste of what walked down the Paris runways.

It looks like the socks with sandals trend is ever-present for spring. Fashionista shows us several ways it’s being done.

Robert Plant at Great American Music Hall Tonight

This just in: Robert Plant will perform a song with opener Buddy Miller tonight at GAMH as part of the Boz Scaggs & the Blue Velvet Band benefit show. Tickets are NOT SOLD OUT. Proceeds will go to the Richard de Lone Special Housing Project, a nonprofit that provides state-of-the-art facilities and care for children and adults with Prader-Willi Syndrome.

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