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Bernadette Harris

The Morning Benders Play On At Rickshaw Stop Despite Blood

Wrapping up a year of whirlwind performing December 6, Berkeley darlings The Morning Benders took a break from recording to perform at the Rickshaw Stop.

Miniature Tigers and the The Soft Pack, formerly The Muslims, joined The Morning Benders, led by baby-faced frontman and all around dance-inciter Chris Chu.

Hip Hop is Alive! Q-Tip at the Mezzanine

The Bay Area turned out en masse to San Francisco's Mezzanine Nov. 13 to see Q-Tip, one of the former members of the sometimes defunct A Tribe Called Quest, take back hip hop with a little help from his friends.

Mezzanine was packed to capacity with hip hop lovers anxious to hear The Renaissance, the much anticipated and critically acclaimed follow up to 1999's  Amplified, in the live.  L.A.'s Pacific Division, The Knux and The Cool Kids kicked off the evening, the latter being just as cool as their name promises, energizing the crowd with hits like  “Delivery Man” and “Black Mags.”

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