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Emily Morse

Let’s Talk About V-Day

The buzz around Valentine’s Day has begun, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t join in.

Every restaurant, hotel, liquor company, flower shop and sex toy purveyor is doing something about February 14.

Naturally, single people and couples everywhere are also starting their yearly debate and/or downward spiral over V Day:

“What do I get him?” 
“What do I get her?”
“Valentine’s Day matters.”
 “I hate Valentine’s Day.”
“Boxers plastered with hearts are so cliché.”

Wherever you are on the Valentine’s Day spectrum, I suggest you put all the superficial stuff on the back burner and do something about your sex life.

Strippers and Poles and Lap Dancing, Oh My!

January was major research month for the Sex with Emily show. It began at a HurryDate event and then moved to the stripper pole. I figured this was a logical progression.

So, I went right to the source, the Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre—the legendary club in San Francisco—to take “dance” lessons from its strippers.

Talented strippers Jasmine and Jersey (pictured here) took me under their wing.

Mitchell Brothers

A Number's Game

Recently, I went to a Hurry Date speed dating party as part of the “field research” portion of my job. Truth be told, this was the first time I'd ever attended an actual event or activity around dating.

How it works: A maximum of 25 men and 25 women (in your age range) show up at the party, which is held at different restaurants and bars around town. The night warms up with a half hour of drinking and mingling. This also happens to be a good time to size up your competition and potential matches, if you’re so inclined.

Women are then placed at separate tables, where they stay put as the men circle around and sit with them, one at a time, through the evening.

Up Close and Personal

What's it really like to be on an actual set of a porn movie? Well, I wondered that myself. So I decided to check it out, up close and personal. This video is of my first visit to a porn shoot directed by Max Power and featuring hot porn stars Lexi Bardot, Ben Bratt and Maria Menendez. I enjoyed myself. Hope you do, too.


Only in San Francisco …

I don’t love the “only in San Francisco” qualifier.

Likely because my mom in Michigan says this when I tell her about certain happenings in my life.

However, a truly “only in San Francisco” event occurred this year when moved into the historic Mission Armory.

Peter Acworth, the CEO, decided to expand his adult entertainment empire and purchased the Armory for $14.5 million. Read more about Peter in 7x7's "The New Pornographers."

Peter Acworth of

Hot Last-Minute Gifts

Buying gifts for your partner can often pose as one of the myriad stressors over the holidays. Such stressors manifest in many ways, including a reduced sex drive or feelings of desire.

Doesn’t it then seem like this would be the perfect time to kill two birds with one stone?

Throw a little sex accoutrement into the mix.  You’ve probably been wanting to mix things up for a while. A mission that can be daunting, but sometimes the smallest gestures have the biggest impact. 

More Sexy Holiday Gifts

’Tis the season to get it on, so I dug up my radio show from last December with Good Vibrations’ Jonathan Plotzker and phone sex operator Virgie where we talk about all manner of gifts that are sure to heat things up.

So, listen up.


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Strutting Your Stuff

Hi all,

I wanted to share my visit to The Mitchell Brothers O’Farrell Theatre, where I played a little dress-up, learned a couple of sexy dance moves and hung out with two hot strippers named Lindsay and Cherry.

Lindsay told me, “There’s nothing sexier than a woman who’s in tune with her sexuality.”

I couldn’t agree with her more.



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Sex and Relationships

Emily and Maryanne

I had a chance to meet with “America’s Relationship Expert” Maryanne Comaroto (she’s a relationship advocate, workshop facilitator and licensed therapist). To give you an idea about the subject matter she takes on, one of her latest workshops is titled “Find the Man, Get the Man, Keep the Man; What You Need to Know Before You Drop Your Drawers.” That said, in our discussion, we talk about—you name it—everything from relationship dynamics, going for guys whom you know are bad for you, having sex instead of making love and finding true happiness from within.

Sex Toys and Security at SFO

By now you’ve learned the liquid travel limit and have your Ziploc handy. You’re not as annoyed that you have take off your shoes and overcoat, place your laptop in a bin and empty all of your pockets.

But what to do about your sex toys? It’s a completely different challenge but one that you can overcome. So don’t let this happen to you:
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