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Emily Morse

Making Safe Sex Sexy

Hey all. I thought now was as good a time as any to resurface a video of my visit to TV show "Talkback," where I discuss how to put the "sexy" back into safe sex, improve communication ("communication is lubrication") with your partner and really learn about and take pleasure in your body. You'd be surprised (or maybe not!) at how many intelligent 20- and 30-something singles I know who have a problem broaching the "protection" conversation.


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What’s Good Sex?

If you’re ever in earshot when someone tells me he/she just had the best sex ever, you’ll know I don’t take this information lightly.

I have to know exactly what that means.

Why was it the best sex ever? What made it different? How many orgasms did you have together? And how many separately? Are you in love? Or is it just lust? Did you talk dirty? Use props? What?!

What's Good Sex?
photography by Daniel Ha

Getting Lucky?

On Wednesday, I blogged about a couple of new places to meet people and get your sex life back on track. Here’s where others are finding sex and love around town:

“The Haight Street Fair. I kept running into [this guy], so I figured I might as well say hello this time around. We’ve been dating ever since.”—Melissa, 42, Russian Hill

Haight Ashbury Street Fair
courtesy of

Naked Pillow Fights?

Oprah mentioned’s report that “San Francisco is the number one place in which to be single.” I talked about it in my "Singles Beget Singles" blog entry.

But now many locals are up in arms.

It appears that San Franciscans are super comfy in their “this is the worst town to date in” skin. Feel free to complain. I never judge. But if you’re in the mood to stop talking about your so-called dry spell and jumpstart your sex life, read on.

To meet women:
Try an Appel & Frank trunk show. Where else can you find 700 women in orgasmic shopping bliss?

Phone Sex Pranks

Gil Ozeri is an “obscure fetish prankster” who makes prank calls to phone sex operators.

Even if it doesn’t seem up your alley, just have a listen for yourself. It could be the best five minutes you’ve wasted all day.

I interviewed Gil on my show awhile back and wanted to pass along some Jewish humor in honor of the holidays. Sure, I’ll be atoning for my sins during Yom Kippur this weekend, but who says atoning can’t be funny or sexy?

Check out “I’m into Jewish mother stereotypes” if you need to laugh, hard right about now.

Juicy Nuggets

If you’ve ever had a face-to-face conversation with me, you know that I’m prone to whipping out my notebook and scribbling madly in it while we talk. I admit that at times I feel bad because, though it may appear that I’m using you as a piece of sex story meat, I am truly listening. It’s just that there are oftentimes so many damn good nuggets in a given conversation that I just can’t help myself.

Juicy Nuggets
Quick—someone get me something to write on.

SF vs. LA

Who’s getting it on, what turns you on, and does the size of anything really matter?

I was in LA this week, and to my delight, Los Angeles Magazine just published highlights from its “first annual sex survey.”  If San Francisco and Los Angeles ever seemed worlds apart to you, the following may just solidify that sentiment.

SF vs. LA
photography by Christian Carroll

So Much Sex, So Little Time

I’ve been known to read more about sex than to actually have it, but that’s a blog for another time. Back to the stuff I’ve been reading. … Recent news includes: 

“Seniors are still having sex well into their 70s, 80s and 90s.” 

“Half of all teens have had oral sex.” 

“Married people have more sex than their single counterparts.”

My recent favorite is: “When men and women were asked to choose one thing they couldn't live without—sex, chocolate or alcohol, men said sex was five times more important than chocolate, with alcohol a close second.”

Bringing Sex Back

Several times a week, I hear something along these lines:

“We never have sex anymore. ... I’m just not that into him/her. ... Do you think we can get our/her/his sex drive back?”

Well, it’s complicated. Did you have it in the beginning? Did you meet someone else? Are you feeling fat, ugly, bored, gay, straight or bitter?

Answers to these questions matter, and not even the best orgasm in the world will help you through some deeper issues. Couples therapy, however, can work miracles.

But let’s assume you’re in a basic run-of-the-mill sex rut—something most couples experience at some point in their relationship.

Sex and Burning Man?

Everyone will tell you some variation of this: Burning Man is not just about sex or drugs or techno music or nudity or art or looking good—or bad for that matter.

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