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Emily Morse

Sex and Online Dating

What is it with online dating that turns normally cautious women into easy pickins’?

My friend Marnie, 36, recently had the classic online date-turned-one night stand, which ended—how else?—disappointingly. “I had taken a break from online dating,” she told me, “but I was ready to start again. I received a message from a guy who wrote: ‘Hey, I am not giving up. You haven't emailed me back, but I'd like to have coffee or a drink with you.’“

So, she decided to give it a try and sent him a note. He was quick to respond, writing: “I know it sounds like a line, but you have an AMAZING smile, the kind that I would love to bask in.”

Love and Labor Day

If you’re not having sex in the desert this weekend, you can still have random acts of sex (and love) right here at home.

courtesy of SF Swingers Convention

San Francisco Swingers Convention 2007
Aug. 30-Sept. 4, SF Bay Area

Summer of Love 40th Anniversary
Sept. 2, Sunday, Speedway Meadows at Golden Gate Park

Self Love

Singles Beget Singles

You’ve been warned: San Francisco is the best city for singles, according to Forbes.

If you take the logical leap, you may find this bit of news to be promising: More single people must mean we’re all on the fast track to committed bliss.

Well, I’m sorry to report that more single people, especially in this town, simply breeds more single people.

Sure, if you’re looking for fun, a massive online dating pool and a super cool vibe (one of the statistics that pushed SF to number one was our “coolness” factor), you’re psyched.

Parent Proofing

Most people living in San Francisco are from some place else. They may move here for different reasons, but one thing remains constant: No matter where you come from, your parents will eventually make the trip out to visit you.

So this means we all have to make the proper modifications to our pads for that inevitable visit by the parental units including, but not limited to, hiding the X-rated paraphernalia, tossing that forgotten pair of undies (that aren’t yours) into the hamper, or throwing open the windows to clear the air of certain odors (not that I’ve had to do any of these things, mind you). I’ve even heard stories of people kicking out their secret live-ins when their parents come to town.

Time to Mix It Up

If you’re already having the best sex of your life, can’t wait for the next cocktail party and love watching those endless repeats of The Girls Next Door, today’s blog may not be for you (but we should probably talk offline another time).

However, if you need to brush up on your sex skills and rev up your sex life, or if you’re looking for some different kinds of fun around town, try one (or more) of these upcoming events and workshops on for size:


12th Annual San Francisco Drag King Contest

Cyber Stalking: Alive and Well in SF

Last week, I received two urgent messages from friends who were experiencing issues discovered via virtual means.

“Emily, you have to call me back, please, today,” said one friend, Katie. I couldn’t tell if she was laughing or crying.

I called her back. Luckily, she was mostly laughing.

“I finally googled Tex (our nickname for her most recent fling who lives in Austin, Texas),” Katie said. “And guess what? The weekend he said he couldn’t make it to SF, he was being crowned Austin’s most eligible bachelor. Plus, they called him a party boy and ladies’ man about town.”

Halloween Castrated

The city decided to close down the Castro Halloween festivities, or as many San Franciscans call it, the biggest (and easiest) pick-up party of the year. Blocks of scantily-clad naughty nurses and maids along with lawyers and construction men, all looking for tricks and treats.

photography by Jaimie D. Travis

Gay or Happy?

I was asked to be on the “Shake,” America’s LGBT radio show (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, for those of you who just moved to this coast) in San Francisco. Producer Larry called me, said he’d heard of my show and asked if I wanted to come on to talk about sex but with more of a gay focus.

So I started thinking about what I should talk about. Of course, I’ve talked about gay and lesbian sex issues on my show. Lord knows that many of my guy friends have wished that I'd spent more time discussing lesbian issues. But that’s a different blog post.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Really Know

“I feel kind of guilty,” Serena told me. “He didn’t ask if I had a boyfriend, but I also don’t want to lead him on. I’m only in it for the sex, but does he really need to know that after our first night together?”

“Well, it was your first date,” I sympathized. “Who says you have to lay out all your cards right away?”

Serena, who’s 39, lives in Cow Hollow, while her boyfriend lives in New York. They’re madly in love, but recognize that sometimes you just need to take care of business—with someone else. That said, they’re both allowed to see other people, but only for sex—no love, romance or long walks on the beach. (I forgot to ask whether sex on the beach was OK.)

Fantasy and Fetish Party

photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

On Saturday night, we put on a 7x7SF.COM-Sex with Emily fantasy and fetish party to celebrate this blog and the syndication of the radio show. The show will be live on XM radio and on a local station here. (details coming soon!)

Guests, who were asked to dress in fantasy or fetish wear, gathered at the Porn Palace, which is owned by, a website “delivering, genuine raw fetish since 1997.” The cavernous space is a great playground for adults: It’s a massive interactive film set including a horse stable, jail cell and bondage wall.
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