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Erika Milvy

Stalking the Conchords Stalker at The Punchline

What does a professional 24/7 stalker-fan do when the objects of her obsession have been cancelled by HBO? Kristen Schaal, who plays Mel, the down-stairs neighbor/would-be sex slave in “Flight of the Conchords” is out of one job but, like Mel, the slightly scary, she keeps popping up all over the place.

Tony Kushner's 'Tiny Kushner' -- Too Tiny And Yet Not Tiny Enough

Compared to Tony Kushner’s two-part, 7 hour long opus, “Angels in America”, “Tiny Kushner” – at 2 hours and 20 minutes, is tiny indeed. But not tiny enough.

Angels, a (true) work of staggering genius, is not one minute too long. The new evening of five one-acts (which opened on Wednesday at Berkeley Rep.) is about three acts too long.

For Kushner-philes, these new works offer yet five more glimpses into the mind and preoccupations of a still living genius. Period.

'Weed's' Pot Head Kevin Nealon Does Dishes, Diapers and Stand-Up

20 years after first appearing on Saturday Night Live --most memorably as  pumped-up muscle-head Franz (of Hans and Franz), Kevin Nealon is now getting in touch with his inner girly-man -- or should we see granny-man? He’s changing diapers and pushing a stroller at the ripe old age of 54.

Bringing War to Food Lovers. One Mini Cupcake at a Time

Tickets for this coming weekend’s SF Food Wars sold out in one hour and 3 minute.

And that's not just because this month’s food war is called the “The Mini Cupcake Clash" and the 170 ticket-holders are the designated eaters. Last month, tickets for Mac and Cheese competition sold out in 20 hours.

And that’s not just because Mac and Cheese is the savory comfort food equivalent to the cup cake.

Food warfare is just plain fun -- whether it’s a high school cafeteria food fight with edible projectiles or an Iron Chef culinary show-down.

As Laramie is Revisited, Hate Crimes Bill Passes House

Several days before the 11th anniversary of the murder of Matthew Shepard, the US House of Representatives has voted to expand the definition of hate crimes to include crimes committed against gay men and lesbians.

The new measure, The Times reported this morning, was approved by the House right before a weekend when gay rights will be a focus in Washington, with a march to the Capitol and a speech by President Obama to the Human Rights Campaign.

A Dream Week for Star Wars Fans

1. Star Wars: In Concert!

This multi-media event features music from all six of John Williams' epic Star Wars scores. Part of a world-wide tour, the concert comes to the HP Pavilion on October 11.

Laramie Revisited

10 years ago, a  bunch of New York theater folk went to Laramie, Wyoming to talk to the people about the death of Matthew Shepard.

“The Laramie Project,” Moises Kaufman and Tectonic Theater Project’s documentary drama, was the result of  200 interviews with Laramie residents in the year that followed the murder. In 1998, Matthew Shepard, the 97 pound, 21-year-old gay college student was beaten and tied to a buck-rail fence and left to die.

Carol Burnett in Oakland. We're So Glad She Has This Time Together

“Can you bump up the lights so I can see?” is what Carol Burnett used to ask her tech people at the start of every episode of The Carol Burnett Show. This meant it was time for her audience to pry her with questions, the bland and bizarre, and Burnett would always find a way to make her off-the-cuff answers super-funny.

Over 30 years after her landmark TV show (23 Emmys, first female-fronted variety show) ended its 11-year run, Burnett will be (at age 76) bumping up the lights to chit chat with her audience at the Paramount theater in Oakland tonight.

Cupcake Smack-Down Sells Out

Tickets for the October 18th SF Food Wars went on sale at 12 noon on Monday. One hour and 3 minutes later, the event –The Mini Cupcake Clash – was sold out.

San Francisco Food Wars,
a taste test competition (not a cafeteria-style food fight) held its inaugural food-off last month with The Mac Battle Royale w/ Cheese.

It all started when Jeannie Choe, a  designer, photographer and maker of dog  treats, came here from New York a year ago and “and saw a huge void where community food-offs should've been.”

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