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Hayley Elisabeth Kaufman

"The Missing Peace" Exhibit and Opening Night Party

"The Missing Peace"
"Regarde" by Gabriela Morawetz courtesy of The Committee
of 100 for Tibet & The Dalai Lama Foundation

Fashionably Orgasmic

courtesy of Nars Cosmetics

The Cult of Cristalette

Cris in Cristalette with a new design

Thanksgiving Survivial Guide

Band of Horses
courtesy of Band of Horses

We all know that Thanksgiving is a time to hang with your crazy family and chow down on copious amounts of richly caloric foods, but sometimes there are circumstances beyond your control that might keep you from the festivities. If you’re stuck family-less in SF this year, or you’ve returned to the Bay Area to visit your clan and are in need of A+E-related distractions this is the blog for you. Drag your Tryptophan-induced self out on the town and enjoy the holiday—Hot List style!

Locked in with Chuck Prophet

Bear-y Cool

Brown Bear
photo courtesy of Brown Bear

Hayley's Daytripping Playlist

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