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Hayley Elisabeth Kaufman

Video Pick: Apple Crumble

Video Pick: Down Boy

Hayley's Glitter and Sleaze Playlist

Mary Jane Girls
courtesy of the Mary Jane Girls

Due to copyright issues, some songs on this playlist may be reduced to 30-second samples. For the full-length tracks check out our 7x7 imeem page.

Fashion Is Alive and Well in SF

courtesy of Thread

Read for the Record

Celebrate the Summer of Love with Peter Max

To honor the fortieth anniversary of the pop music, paisley and patchouli that we associate with the iconic Summer of Love, the de Young museum is featuring works by artist and pop-culture icon Peter Max. It’s hard not to associate Max’s recognizable fauvist-style posters of art with the psychedelic counterculture of the ‘60s. Max famously conveys elaborate and colorful imagery that has been an essential visual component to the movement, blending in with the music of groups like the Jefferson Airplane and Jimi Hendrix, and making a permanent imprint on the American cultural landscape.

The Band Who Cried Wolf

Sea Wolf

Sea Wolf
Leaves in the River
Dangerbird Records
(Out September 25)

The Salmon Dance

Hayley's Weekend Warrior Playlist

courtesy of Chromeo

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