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Fashion Week in NYC

Despite all the distractions lately, I still managed to make it to Fashion Week in New York and drown my sorrows in a dizzying haze of bright lights and anorexic models. I also stumbled upon an underground hotspot well worth checking out at 3 a.m. The place is called Siberia, on 40th and 9th in the Hells Kitchen district. The celebrities and characters you can find there are crazy. I swear I saw Seinfeld throwing up in the bathroom and when I got back to the bar, that hot older chick from Sex and the City approached me and offered to buy me a glass of Veuve Cliquot. The next thing I remember is waking up on a plane headed to SFO.

This Blog Entry Sucks

First of all, I'd like to apologize to everyone for that. But if you think that you're having a bad time reading this crappy blog, then please allow me to put things into perspective for you: I might be out of a job. To put it lightly; things have been a little tense over at the station lately. After 10 years of her loyal servitude, the cheapos at Infinity are refusing to renew Sarah's contract. In other words; the Alice Morning Show may end on February 16! I can't believe it, man! I'm gonna have to cancel my subscription to the Spice Channel, trade in my pimpin-ass ride for a used Nissan, cancel all my massage appointments and yoga classes indefinitely and worst of all: hot materialistic blondes won't like me anymore!

This Week's Flick

My First and Last <i>L-Word</i> Party

courtesy of the L word online
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