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Jason Jurgens

Fat Possum Signs Sonny and the Sunsets

Chalk another one up for the west coast vintage pop revival. Fat Possum has signed Sonny and the Sunsets. SF-based (geo-locate him in Sunset district) Sonny Smith started up the all-star filled Sunsets back in 2007 [read Shayde Sartin & Tim Cohen (of the Fresh & Onlys), Tahlia Harbour (of Citay and The Dry Spells), Ryan Browne and Kelley Stoltz (Sub Pop Recordings)].

Win a Cal Academy Platinum Tour!

Everyone knows the Cal Academy is rad. It's the greenest museum on earth and it houses some bad-ass penguins. We're giving away two tickets to their rockin' Platinum Behind-the-Scenes Tour, which gets you past the lines and into the Planetarium (reserved seats! hawt) and the Rainforest. We smell a pretty impressive date! To win, watch the video and answer the following questions in the comments. We'll pick a person who gets them all right to win! (Fine print: All Platinum Behind-the-Scenes Tour participants must be 8 and over).




Rogue Wave Goes Upbeat

The last thing you'd expect from local indie rockers Rogue Wave is a dance record. But then again with all they've been through over the past few years (a kidney transplant, the death of a bandmate, bedridden with back problems, lineup changes) maybe a brighter sound is exactly what they need to bring in a more uplifting 2010. The recent premiere of the single "Good Morning" (download via Stereogum) is a shockingly different sound at first: a pulsing synth-beat smacks you upside the head. But as Zach Rogue chants "the FUTURE, the FUTURE" we sense some well-deserved optimism for Permalight (out 3/2 via Brushfire).

New Single From Morning Benders: Download It!

Head over to The Morning Benders web HQ right now and download the single "Promises". It's FREE! If this song is any indication of what is to come from their new album Big Echo (via Rough Trade 3/9/2010), then we're looking at an early nom to every best of 2010 list.

The Dodos Play David Letterman Tomorrow Night

Congrats to the The Dodos (part of last year's Hot 20 Class), who make their US television debut tomorrow night on Letterman. We're anxious to see how Dave responds to the bashing of metal garbage cans on stage (the band's been known to use trash receptacles for percussion). Check out our interview with frontman Meric Long and then tune in to cheer on our local favorites.

The Morning Benders Sign to Rough Trade Records

Rumors about where The Morning Benders would sign have been circulating for months. Well, Rough Trade Records has emerged as the lucky label to bag our Berkeley beloveds. The boys will release their sophomore effort, Big Echo on March 9th, then embark on a two-month cross-country head-lining tour. The album was produced by lead singer Christopher Chu and Grizzly Bear's bass player Chris Taylor.

Sold: Green Day and Metallica Cribs

Are local rockers are in mass exodus? Both Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong and Metallica's Kirk Hammett have sold their surprisingly tame Bay Area cribs. Hammet's Pac Heights mansion has been on the market since 2005 and sold for nearly $9 million, while Armstrong's Oakland hills home sold for $4.8 within months its September listing. Each comes with a private recording studio, of course. Roadies not included.





Meet Michael Cera. Yep.

Michael Cera exudes youthful awkwardness. Maybe that's why the promo campaign for his new movie "Youth in Revolt" is targeted at college kids. In a ploy that pits area schools against each other–as if UC Berkeley and Stanford didn't hate each other enough already– Cobra Snake are demanding that you announce your allegiance and vote for the school you want to screen the movie. What's more, Cera and co-star Portia Doubleday will make an appearance. But don't worry drop outs, we've got a pair of tickets to the premiere screening on December 4th (theater TBA) AND passes to the after party at the The Westin St. Francis Hotel Grand Ballroom (they'll be there too).

Local Bands Battle for NSSN 2009

Jordan Catalano fest, err, NSSN 2009 isn't just an opportunity to stalk Jared Leto (30 Seconds to Mars) or Emily Haines (Metric) but your chance to make some local band's dream come true. Once again, Live 105 is holding a local band competition, pitting 15 bands against each other in an American Idol-style face off (vote/listen, here). The top five vote getting bands will battle it out at the Bottom of the Hill on Monday, December 7th. (Our money is on Mister Loveless or Scene of Action.) The winning band gets to open the sold-out event at the Oakland Arena. A far cry from the garage.

Video: Paper Route Jams in Powell St. BART Station

We jumped at the opportunity to film Nashville band Paper Route for a guerilla-style video shoot inside Powell St. BART station. The lads are currently on tour with Paramore and opening tonight's SF gig at the Warfield. BART turned out to be a perfect setting to soundcheck even with the station operator's voice chiming in the background.

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