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Jennifer Pollock

Halle Berry Moving to Tiburon?

It's looking like Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry might soon be our neighbors. The celebrity couple, along with super-cute daughter Nahla, were pictured doing very nesty things in Tiburon again this weekend (they went to Best Buy, Toys 'R Us, and Burger King). The couple came up a few months ago to look at properties and soon after put their LA house on the market. Welcome to the 'hood, Halle!

Noise Pop Last Night: Memory Tapes, Birds & Batteries, Loquat

It was a mashup of sorts last night at Bottom of the Hill - the sounds of Birds & Batteries, Loquat and headliner Memory Tapes don't necessarily go together. But to each his own, and though most of the all-ages crowd was there to shimmy to Memory Tapes, Loquat and Birds & Batteries certainly did their part to impress some local musical talent.

Noise Pop Happy Hours Highlight Local Talent

Both Friday and Saturday's free Noise Pop Happy Hours at Bender's laid the foundation (hello, $3 beers) for a pretty rockin' city-wide indie takeover this weekend. The happy hours paid homage to some of the best emerging local talent and gave us occasion for some pretty legit hometown pride-ing.

Dave Eggers Is Under Joanna Newsom's Spell

Nevada City native and Mills College drop out Joanna Newsom makes us want to geek out. She plays the freakin' harp, has the hot elf thing down pat (hello Armani modeling contract) and is dating SNL's Andy Samberg. She's also one of the most talented and prolific musicians of our day and just dropped a TRIPLE (yes, triple) album today entitled Have One On Me. And if that's not enough, there's now an entire scholarly book dedicated to her work, featuring fawning essays by Dave Eggers (who bemoans the fact that "she turned out to be pretty") and Christian Kiefer.

Impress Lonely Planet, National Geo, Win Your Dream Vacation

Dream vacations: they're what every respectable mind should be wandering towards the afternoon before a three-day weekend. And we've just stumbled across the gold mine. For their 20th anniversary, sustainable travel company Gap Adventures is running something called the Create Your Own Adventure contest. And there are some seriously awesome vacations on there. The top ranked one right now? A spy mission in Europe. Like James Bond. We want to go there. 

Surfers on the Big Screen: Watch Mavericks at AT&T Park

For those of you fretting about the weekend VDay plans (we've got you covered here, here, here and here), stop immediately. There are more important things to worry about. Like world class sporting events. Yeah, the Olympics are cool and all, but Mavericks was just announced for Saturday. So be a Californian and watch 24 of the world's finest big-wave surfers tear it up for the largest purse in history - $150,000. 

The Big Eat Back Story: Menage a Trois at Ike's Place

For the Big Eat 2010, we went behind the scenes of three establishments to learn the true story behind our current cravings. Following is the story of #100.

"You should be able to put anything in between two slices of bread and eat it,” says Ike Shehadeh. “When I bring home leftovers—whether they’re pot stickers or jalapeño poppers—I try them as a sandwich. Usually, it’s pretty good.” This practice has spawned the wacky menu at Ike’s Place, his cultlike sandwich to-go shop in the Castro, which opened in 2007. Cultlike because, whether you like it or not, you have to try it once. Ike’s is an experience.

Download the Cold War Kid's Fillmore Set

The Cold War Kids brought their rockin' breed of minor-keyed moodiness to The Fillmore last night, treating a sold out crowd to old favorites off of 2008's opus Robbers & Cowards, as well as some A+ material from their recently released Behave Yourself EP. "Audience," off their latest, will definitely be gracing our office playlist in weeks to come. A pitch-perfect moment came in a tribute to "another Bay Area band" -- a particularly beautiful cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Long as I Can See the Light."

Unscripted Theater Company to Get Weird at Thursday's Cal Academy Nightlife

If you weren't sufficiently disturbed by the masses of people riding MUNI last weekend sans pants as part of a global Improv Everywhere stunt, keep that improv fix going on Thursday at Cal Academy's Nightlife. San Francisco's Unscripted Theater Company will be taking "cues from the Academy and the natural world to create a one-of-a-kind show on-the-fly," which is sure to be super weird. Improv with taxidermy, penguins and albino alligators? Get ready.

Who's the City's Best Gym Class Instructor?

San Francisco is a city for the workout obsessed. We take our runs seriously, our Lululemon seriously and our gym classes VERY seriously. So what we want to know is this: who is the city's best gym class instructor?  We're talking across gyms and across classes (pilates, spin, yoga, bootcamp, cardio striptease - they're all fair game).  Whose class do you make sure you get on the waiting list for?  Let us know in the comments (plus the gym and the time of day they teach at). We'll do a feature on the most popular teacher.

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